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Plastic surgeons Dr. Tripti Burt and Dr. Neena Will are shining examples

that mixing family and business can equal success. The two physicians

are sisters and owners of Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre,

with locations in Plainfield and Morris.“We are very happy to be in practice together,” said Burt, adding jokingly,“and we aren’t tearing each other’s hair out.”

Growing up in Omaha, Neb., the two women developed an interest in medicine at an early age.“Our father is a surgeon,” Burt said. “We were exposed to going into a hospital from a very young age and always knew wewanted to go into medical school.”

Both graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical University, Burt in 1997 and Will in 2003, and eventually made their

way to the Chicago suburbs.“I started the practice about six and a half years ago,” Burt said. “At that time, we only provided general plastic surgery. Now

Dr. Will joined us two years ago and is our specialized facial plastic surgeon.”

Burt specializes in laser treatments, breast surgery and body contouring while Will is an expert in face and neck rejuvinationtreatments.“In the right patient, plastic surgery can really be life changing,” Burt said. “It can allow a patient to feel confident. Many patients say they feel younger than they look, and plastic surgery can bring those two

elements together again.”

Both office locations are warm and inviting. “The décor is a nice blend of beauty andcomfort” Burt said. “We had it custom done for us with dark chocolate tones and beautiful artwork on the walls. It really puts patients at ease when they come in.” Also sharing the office is Burt’s husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon.

“We have an on-site surgery center, so we can do everything here—making it very convenient for our patients,” Burt said. The centers recently added fat grafting to the directory of services. “We take fat from one area of the body and inject it into another area,” she said. “It is very effective, and therefore

popular with patients.” Looking ahead, Burt said the office is getting ready to develop a freestanding medical spa. “We plan to open it by early summer,” she said. “We will offer in-office treatments in acomfortable setting. They will include laser treatments, fillers and Botox. ” What is the best part of Burt’s job?

“I like the consultation process a lot,” she said. “I like educating women on what options are available for them.”


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