While it’s typically portrayed as a male condition, a good 40% of hair loss sufferers are women. Most articles and news stories focus men’s struggles with losing hair, so it’s not very well known that women suffer even more intense feelings of emotional turmoil and loss of identity due to hair loss. It makes perfect sense: so much of women’s identities and sense of desirability are tied to their hair. Even when it comes to treating hair loss, women tend to be left out: there are a dearth of hair restoration methods focused directly on women. It’s a discrepancy that the physicians of Burt & Will are eager to address, and it’s why they offer the advanced NeoGraft hair restoration treatment for women.

NeoGraft for Women

NeoGraft is one of the most advanced hair restoration systems available, we’re proud to say that Drs. Burt & Will are the very first surgeons in the area to be trained in NeoGraft. NeoGraft is an advanced form of follicular unit extraction, a type of hair restoration that moves healthy hair follicles into areas suffering from hair loss one-by-one. With NeoGraft, the process is automated, offering more precision and comfort than traditional methods. NeoGraft removes each hair follicle using rotation and suction, which also protects and preserves the follicle for transfer. NeoGraft also protects each hair follicle with a moisturized barrier each time it’s moved, allowing the hair follicles to be surrounded by the most optimal environment possible.

Why Burt & Will for NeoGraft

It’s important to tailor hair restoration treatment specially for women because they have a unique hair profile from men. Women’s hairlines tend to be shaped differently from men’s and their hair flows in different directions compared to men’s hair. More importantly, women tend to lose hair in a different pattern: while men tend to lose hair through a receding hairline, women lose hair in a diffuse manner on the center of their hair. That’s why NeoGraft is such a wonderful procedure for women suffering from hair loss: NeoGraft is versatile and gentle enough to address the very specific pattern of hair loss for women.

More importantly, it’s important to work with female hair restoration surgeons that have a great understanding of how female hair loss works, and what it means for their patients. Drs. Burt and Will don’t just have a unique insight that allow them to tailor their hair restoration for what women need, they also have the extensive training to create natural, breathtaking results.

By offering NeoGraft for women, Burt & Will hope to give a chance to women suffering in silence from hair loss. For a consultation on NeoGraft, contact the offices of Burt & Will now for a consultation.

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