NeoGraft Hair Restoration in Naperville

If you’re one of the many residents of Naperville experiencing hair loss, finding the right hair transplant procedure is essential. Recent advancement in hair transplant procedures have improved on the older strip method of hair restoration, which created linear scars on the scalp. One cutting-edge technique is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE); a technique which avoids linear scars by extracting and implanting healthy hair follicles one by one.

The FUE hair restoration process will take hair follicles from healthy parts of the scalp immune to the effects of hair loss and transpose them to areas lacking hair. Patients love the natural-looking results of an FUE hair restoration, and with the arrival of NeoGraft, a great hair transplant procedure in Naperville is finally available.


NeoGraft Consultation

Discussing Your Hair Transplant Options

All Burt & Will consultations for NeoGraft Hair Restoration involve a detailed medical history and a thorough scalp examination where Dr. Neena Will will examine your hair density, hair caliber, and the possibility of future hair loss.

During your consultation, we will teach you all about the hair transplant process, including its risks, and the outcome you can expect to see following surgery.

Most of our Naperville patients suffering from hair loss have encountered many myths about both its cause and cure.  At Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we want you to know everything about hair loss and its effective treatments so you can decide whether surgical hair restoration is an option for you.

If you decide that the procedure is for you, Dr. Will’s staff will begin an account of your procedure by taking before and after pictures of your head and scalp.

Naperville residents can call at (815) 267-8830 if would like more information about the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure or visit HERE and simply enter your contact information.


NeoGraft Hair Transplant Procedure

This FUE NeoGraft technology is becoming extremely popular.  Several professionals in the performing arts community, including actors and television personalities, have learned of this technology and taken advantage of it.  These personalities need their appearance at its best to maintain success in their chosen profession, which is why they have done their research and sought out the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure. It is a simple in-office procedure performed at any one of our office locations.

NeoGraft hair restoration technology allows Naperville plastic surgeon Dr. Neena Will to more accurately harvest each graft, thus minimizing scarring and maximizing results. What a NeoGraft hair transplant does is enhance the FUE hair restoration by providing precision, consistency, and comfort. NeoGraft hair transplant performs FUE using an automatic device that extracts individual hair follicles using rotation and suction. The hair follicles are in units of 1-4 hairs, but thanks to the automated process of NeoGraft hair transplant, the extractions have a consistent diameter and length, making them much more likely to survive in the new area.

The suction extraction method of a NeoGraft hair transplant also has the added benefit of removing the hair follicle without damaging the graft units and keeping them intact. By keeping them healthy and unscathed, the grafts have an even better chance of thriving in a new environment. To further ensure the protection of the hair follicle, the NeoGraft hair transplant keeps the grafts sealed into a container which keeps them moist.

The graft will not be touched or handled by hand, insulating them as much as possible before implantation. Dr. Will will then implant the grafts in a way which follows its natural growth pattern to create results that complement your normal hair growth.

She will numb your scalp during the procedure so your NeoGraft hair transplant procedure should be as comfortable as possible. NeoGraft hair restoration is a one-time procedure, usually done within 3-8 hours depending on the number of grafts implanted. It also only requires a weekend recovery.


NeoGraft Hair Transplant System Explained – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)-HD from NeoGraft on Vimeo.

The NeoGraft hair transplant can give you a lush head full of hair and can do it with little discomfort and with permanent results.


NeoGraft Hair Transplant for Female Hair Restoration

Two exemplary Naperville female surgeons lead Burt & Will Plastic Surgery, and each has valued insight on how vital a full head of hair can be to a woman. Feminine hair loss is not rare, but the pattern of loss can be relatively different from male hair loss, and treatment requires an understanding of the aesthetics of female hair. You can trust your Burt & Will surgeon has the training and understanding to help restore your confidence and femininity with a NeoGraft hair restoration procedure.


Dr. Will is a very warm & kind-hearted doctor. I never felt rushed or felt stupid asking her silly question. My surgery went quickly & recovery was honestly a breeze! She’s great & I refer her to anyone with any issue! ~ Judysbook, Naperville, Il




Benefits of FUE with NeoGraft Hair Transplant

There are several benefits of FUE. Our Naperville patients walk out of the procedure with follicle units grafted in the recipient area as they do with any hair transplant procedure, but there are no stitches or staples and less discomfort. Dr. Will’s use of tiny circular incisions to harvest the grafts will heal and become inconspicuous within a matter of days. From a normal distance, the donor area is back to normal within a week.

Even with available financing and extended payment plans, an FUE procedure may be too costly for some patients in Naperville. It’s true; linear harvesting remains the least expensive method of harvesting hair for transplantation. However, the new mechanical device NeoGraft is making FUE procedures more efficient and cost effective with no scarring. NeoGraft performs like an extension of the human hand to remove hair follicles from the scalp much faster than manual FUE extraction. The results are also more accurate than previous hair transplant procedures.

Choices for Your NeoGraft Hair Transplant

Each month more surgeons and doctors are acquiring NeoGraft devices or hiring outside teams to perform procedures for their practice. This precedent can be dangerous for hair transplant patients. Naperville patients who seek hair restoration need to understand how important it is to choose the right board-certified surgeon for their NeoGraft procedure. Final hairline results are still dependent on the skill and training of the surgeon performing this hair transplant procedure.

Naperville residents can call at (815) 267-8830 if would like more information about the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure or visit HERE and simply enter your contact information.


Why Choose Us for NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Neena Will MD is proud to be one of the few surgeons fully trained and certified in the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure in Naperville and the greater Chicago area. When it comes to hair restoration in Naperville, you should trust nothing less than the talented and skilled hair transplant team at Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. Contact us now, for your NeoGraft hair restoration consultation.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant: Before and After Gallery

If you need to see it, to believe it, look at some before and after photos of the NeoGraft Hair Transplant. These are real Naperville patients, with real results.

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Naperville residents can call at (815) 267-8830 if would like more information about the NeoGraft hair transplant procedure or visit HERE and simply enter your contact information.


NEOGRAFT Automated FUE Hair Transplant device – Patient Video from NeoGraft on Vimeo.


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