Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures


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At Burt & Will Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide range of facial plastic surgery procedures to help our patients look youthful and refreshed. These procedures can help reverse the effects of aging and bring about more harmonious facial features. It takes a certain kind of skill to provide a dramatic yet natural-looking facial plastic surgery result. Our board certified surgeons and staff have the experience necessary to help you obtain beautiful, vibrant looking skin. Drs. Tripti Burt and Neena Will are known for their surgical skill and ability to provide truly personalized care. During a consultation, you can discuss your cosmetic goals and explore treatment options. Our patients are comforted in the knowledge that they have a team of experts working to ensure their procedure is a success and their visit is a comfortable one.


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Fat Transfer


Structural autologous fat transfer refers to a procedure that involves harvesting fat from the abdomen or flanks and injecting it into specific facial areas. Fat transfer is used to treat smile lines and marionette lines, provide lip enhancement, fill depressions under the eyes, and correct for temporal wasting, hollow cheeks and other depressions in the face. The new technique of structural fat transfer preserves the integrity of the fat, and as a result, the injected fat lasts indefinitely. Of all the injectable filler materials, one’s own fat is the safest and the longest lasting.


Chin Surgery (Mentoplasty)


Our facial cosmetic surgery professionals, serving Plainfield, Naperville, and throughout Chicagoland, provide cosmetic chin surgery to reshape and resize this prominent feature of the face. The procedure is most frequently performed when a patient feels his or her chin is overly protrusive or is too small in relation to other facial features. Cosmetic chin surgery typically involves the placement of an implant, or the surgical reduction of the jaw bone at the chin.


Lip Augmentation


Lip augmentation helps our patients achieve fuller, plumper lips. It is performed in the office with numbing agents and allows patients to enjoy fuller lips instantly! With the help of dermal filler injections, lips can be safely enhanced to achieve this incredibly popular look.


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If you are seeking facial plastic surgery, visiting our Morris or Plainfield office serving Naperville, Aurora, Joliet and other areas may be the first step to reaching your cosmetic goals. Our experienced cosmetic surgeons can help you understand your treatment options, and the results you can expect. To learn more, contact Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre today.

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