Congratulations! This year, you finally committed to your weight loss resolution. You’ve worked hard, and you’ve met your goal. However, if you’re like most people who’ve lost a massive amount of weight quite quickly, then you’ve probably been left with loose, excess skin that just won’t go away. It’s an extremely unfortunate side effect of weight loss, and it can prevent you from fitting right in your clothes or feeling comfortable in your own body. The good news is that a sleeker, more contoured body is still within your reach; with Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring, you can remove that excess skin and reveal the fitter, more athletic body you’ve worked hard to have. Let’s look over some of the most common procedures patients use for their Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring.

Am I a Candidate for Weight Loss Body Contouring?

If you’re someone who struggles with excess sagging skin after weight loss, then you might be a candidate for body contouring after weight loss. An ideal candidate should be relatively healthy and at the tail end of their weight loss journey. More importantly, you need to be at a stable weight before attempting the procedure because weight fluctuations can compromise your results. Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring can do more than give you the body of your dreams: the procedure can also help people suffering from skin injections and rashes due to the excess skin.


Massive weight loss can affect our bodies inconsistently. As much as we want weight loss to be a smooth, even process, most of the time, certain parts of our bodies shrink faster than others. Oftentimes, people are left with prominent pockets of fat that create unsightly curves and mounds on the body. With a liposuction, you can precisely target those pockets of fat so you can sculpt your body into a sleeker figure.

Breast Enhancement and Breast Lift

While not as severe as excess skin, losing precious breast volume is another frustrating consequence of weight loss. Once our breasts start to lose volume our stretched skin doesn’t bounce back, and this causes our breasts to deflate, flatten, and even sag. To restore youthful perkiness to your chest, try the breast lift, a procedure that repositions the breasts while removing excess skin. Don’t want to settle for smaller breasts? You can add implants to your lift to enhance cleavage.

Body Contouring Procedures

Arms that hang down, a sagging belly, and jiggling thighs—these are the most common side effects of massive weight loss. To get the toned athletic arms of your dreams, consider getting an arm lift. If you want to finally get that narrow waist and flat belly, a tummy tuck can remove that excess fat and skin and tighten your muscles. Want sleeker, more powerful looking legs? Our thigh lift can lift and tighten the things by removing excess skin.
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