Timing is everything for breast augmentation. It’s not just essential to get them at time when it’s convenient for you to take time off work or school. You also need to think about the bigger picture and plan around the bigger milestones in your life. Case in point, many women struggle with whether to wait until after they’re done having children before they get breast implants. Because we want our perfect results to last as long as possible, this is an important factor to consider.

What Pregnancy Can Do to Implants

It might seem strange that family planning is so essential to breast augmentation, but the effects of pregnancy on breast implants is a common concern for women. Pregnancy and breast feeding can already change the breasts by causing them to deflate and flatten, but if a woman has implants, there’s a possibility that the implants might change position or cause further sagging for the breasts. Of course, if this does occur it could be fixed with a breast lift; however, most women would prefer not to undergo an additional procedure. On the other hand, since breast implants have a fixed volume, breasts with implants might not experience deflation with the severity as a breast without implants.

Planning for the Future

One reason why this is such an important decision is that many women are not sure whether they want kids in the future. Oftentimes women are eager to enhance the small breasts they’ve had for decades and are reluctant to have to wait indefinitely for their breast enhancement. Although this is a tricky situation, having implants before pregnancy is still very manageable and can be done.

Breast Feeding After Implants

One very common, but understandably real concern that women have is the safety of breast feeding with implants. Thankfully, saline implants are filled with saline which is safely absorbable by the body. Even silicone implants have been shown by several studies to be safe for breast feeding. Another issue is whether the breast augmentation surgery will impede a woman’s ability to breast feed. While most women report having no issues with their ability to breast feed, it’s possible that breast implants might limit their ability to produce milk.

Talking to a compassionate, caring female surgeon just might be able to put the situation in perspective for you. For a chance to work our renowned female surgeons, contact Burt & Will for a consultation on breast augmentation.

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