Searching for a new workout or fitness studio to try? Burt & Will Plastic Surgery compiled the below list of the top five places to stay fit and healthy in Plainfield. Whether you prefer to take an upbeat cardio class or a calming yoga class, this list has a fitness studio for everyone. Staying healthy and active is very important to your overall wellness, so check out one of the fitness studios below!

  1. Handlebars Cycling Gym is a boutique-style gym with small group fitness classes that combine the use of kettlebells, resistance bands, bodyweight exervices, and cycling.
  2. Yoga by Degrees is a friendly Hatha yoga studio that turns up the heat in order for a deeper mind and body cleanse as well as a greater range of motion for all levels.
  3. Breathe, The Art of Yoga is a successful yoga studio that encourages you to awaken your mind, body, and soul for a better, stronger life with Vinyasa flow classes.
  4. The Yogi Within is the most individualized approach to yoga you will find anywhere with in-person and virtual packages that offer you a safe and sacred place to practice.
  5. Reb-L Fit is a comprehensive gym that provides members with personal and group training sessions as well as cardio machines, nutrition coaching, and weight training.

Stay Fit and Healthy in Plainfield

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