There are many types of cosmetic lasers on the market today. Some are simple lasers without many safety mechanisms built in, and other lasers have all the “bells and whistles” — offering great safety features, in addition to the versatility to treat a variety of skin types and colors.

At our surgical and medspa offices, we use Cutera lasers. As I always say, these are the “Mercedes” of lasers because they offer the best in safety features and versatility. We treat a variety of skin types in the suburbs of Chicago, including ethnic skin types such as black, Indian and Hispanic skin for laser hair removal. Our laser resurfacing lasers, like Laser Genesis and Pearl and Limelight Photofacial lasers, are specially designed to treat more skin types than other offices and doctors.

Patients travel from Iowa, Indiana and Nebraska, as well as downtown Chicago, for consultations and treatment at our facilities. With our board-certification and extensive experience, we feel comfortable evaluating the skin. We know which laser to use and how to use it for each given case.

All of our laser technicians are trained by us personally to make sure we have consistent care and treatment protocols, which leads to noticeable results and minimal downtime. Together as a team, we have traveled nationally speaking and demonstrating our lasers and techniques to other doctors, nurses and cosmetic specialists!

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