ABC’s New Baby, New Body? The ‘Mommy Makeover’ Trend

Plastic Surgeon Reveals 6 Low-Cost Ways to Look Better

Not every woman is interested in having a plastic surgery mommy makeover. However, any woman who is interested and dedicated can make significant improvements to their physical appearance.

Alexander, the certified plastic surgeon in Atlanta, recommends these seven tips for inexpensive ways to begin your own makeover without surgery.

Nutrition and Diet: We all know this. We are what we eat. The importance of a healthy diet and portion control cannot be over-emphasized. Keeping a journal of your daily intake is a really good way to see what you are consuming and how to improve your diet. If you are not knowledgeable about nutrition, you can see a nutrition counselor who can help set guidelines for you. Lifestyle coaches will also review your diet and help guide you.

Exercise: This is another piece of the equation that we all know, but it is hard to coordinate exercise with work, family, children, household duties and community service. It doesn’t seem like there is possibly enough time in the day, but exercise needs to be part of your weekly routine. Find something that you like to do so you can stick with it. Start slow and be patient. Some possibilities include joining a club or hiring a personal trainer, trying a DVD that will allow you to work out at home or signing up for a group training class to keep you motivated, downloading an app or using a computer program to help you set goals and track your progress, or trying something more low-impact like yoga or Pilates to help your mind while you tone your body.

The Right Bra: Getting fitted for the right bra, whether push-up or padded, can make a huge difference in how you look in your clothes.

The Right Undergarments: Spanx really do work!

Quick Fixes: In-office procedures like Botox and fillers can rejuvenate the face and make you look and feel younger and more rested. These are simple and safe procedures that are performed in the office and can make such a difference in your appearance.

Skin Care: Find a good dermatologist, plastic surgeon or aesthetician who can help design a good skin care program for you. This obviously will include no smoking, staying out of the sun and sunscreen. Laser treatment, microdermabrasion, facial peels are some of the effective tools to help rejuvenate the face.

Personal Shopper: Finding the right clothes that flatter your figure can make a huge difference.

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