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Confidence, Comfort, and Care

An inverted nipple, also known as a retracted nipple, is a nipple that does not protrude from the breast mound or areola. When a patient exhibits this condition, their nipples are stuck inward. This condition may present early in childhood, during breast development in adolescence or occur later in adult life. In some women, inverted nipples result from the changes that occur as breast tissue diminishes after breastfeeding. Inverted nipples can occur in both men and women, affect one breast or both and are more common than people may think.

Dr. Tripti Burt performs inverted nipple correction surgery as an in-office procedure using local anesthesia. In some cases, patients choose to combine an inverted nipple correction procedure with a related surgery like breast augmentation or breast lift. Once the procedure is completed, patients see immediate results of a more contoured, outward-projecting appearance to the nipple.

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