Brazilian Butt Lift

Unlock Your Curves, Embrace Your Confidence

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Unlock Your Curves, Embrace Your Confidence

Do you love your body but wish for a bigger, perkier butt? If so, you may be interested in learning more about surgical and non-surgical Brazilian butt lift, procedures that add volume and fullness to the buttocks. Instead of using artificial implants, a surgical Brazilian butt lift incorporates a technique called fat grafting, in which your own fat is harvested from a donor area (e.g., your abdomen or thighs) and transplanted to your buttocks. For a non-surgical approach, injections of Sculptra, an FDA-approved injectable is used to increase volume by activating the skin’s natural regenerative process to replenish lost collagen. Dr. Tripti Burt offers both surgical and non-surgical Brazilian butt lift procedures to her patients at the Burr Ridge, Plainfield and Morris office locations.

Brazilian Butt Lift Candidates

You may be a candidate for Brazilian butt lift if you’ve experienced significant weight loss, noticed postpartum changes or have a genetic flatness of the buttock. Because a surgical approach uses the fat harvested from your own body to plump and lift the buttocks, you must have a little excess fullness in your abdomen, hips or thighs. If you do not have enough donor fat in one of these areas, choosing Sculptra as a non-surgical option may be best for you to achieve the contours and volume you are looking for. Sculptra is also ideal for patients who would like to avoid surgery and instead prefer a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment solution.

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Before & After Photos

Explore our before and after gallery to witness the remarkable transformations that have left our clients feeling more confident and beautiful than ever. From subtle enhancements to dramatic makeovers, our gallery showcases the artistry of transformation.

The Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

A surgical Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure which takes one to three hours and is performed under general anesthesia at a surgery center. First, Dr. Burt uses liposuction to harvest fat from your abdomen, hips or thighs. The fat cells are purified so that only the best remain. Then, the fat is injected into strategic areas and depth in your buttocks. Dr. Burt injects the fat into the upper quadrant of your buttocks to “lift” it and give it a more youthful contour. A butt lift typically involves several injections to give volume, shape and roundness to the buttocks. You may also enjoy the benefit of receiving liposuction on other parts of your body while receiving buttock augmentation with the harvested fat!

It’s normal for some of the injected fat to dissolve on its own. To survive, the fat cells must develop their own blood supply, and not all cells can do so. Thus, Dr. Burt may over-inject your buttocks for the best results. By following the proper steps during your recovery period the results you achieve from your surgical Brazilian butt lift can last many years and often even decades without the need for any follow-up treatments.

Recovering from a Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

Your buttocks will be sore and swollen right after surgery, but this should disappear quickly. You will be provided a special compression garment for about three weeks to control the swelling and help your body’s tissues settle into the correct position. This helps to shape your buttocks as well as shape the areas that were liposuctioned. You will be asked to minimize sitting on your buttocks to avoid compression in this area directly. Many of our Naperville and Burr Ridge patients are able to return to work within a week.

The Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have become an extremely effective way to achieve a wide range of aesthetic goals, including an improved buttocks appearance. Sculptra is a FDA-approved dermal filler that stimulates collagen growth in the skin. Using Sculptra for a Brazilian butt lift, also known as a Sculptra Butt Lift, allows you to enhance contours, adding fullness and volume to a butt that has a flat appearance.

Dr. Burt will assess and mark the treatment region with you in a standing position. To improve comfort, a topical anesthetic will be used prior to the Sculptra injections. You will be standing up for a portion of the injections and the lying on your stomach. Once all of the Sculptra is placed in the treatment region, the area will be massaged for a few minutes.

Each treatment is performed in-office and can generally be completed in less than an hour. Most patients typically need two to four treatment sessions to achieve their desired results, with each treatment spaced in four to six week intervals. As this procedure is non-invasive there is minimal to no downtime and you can anticipate returning to your everyday routine as usual.

Recovering from a Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

An initial volume increase will be seen following the procedure which is caused by the sterile water used to suspend the Sculptra particles for injection. Your body will naturally absorb this water during the first day or so following your procedure. Dr. Burt will also ask you to massage the treated area following your procedure to ensure the Sculptra particles distribute evenly through your buttocks. This will help deliver a fuller, more contoured appearance.

Your results will appear gradually, so remember to be patient during this process. The overall shape of your buttocks will continue improving with each of your treatment sessions in the following months. Once your results are achieved, they will be long-lasting! Sculptra can provide improved volume for two to three years.