Breast Reduction

Reclaim Comfort, Confidence, and Freedom

Reclaim Comfort, Confidence, and Freedom

If you have oversized breasts, you have probably already thought about breast reduction surgery. This is very effective procedure that alters the size of your breasts to give you a more proportionate bustline. It also alleviates discomfort associated with enlarged breasts, including back pain. Dr. Burt is a board certified plastic surgeon at Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology who understands the unique concerns of women with enlarged breasts. She has performed many breast reduction surgeries for both men and women, restoring their confidence and self-esteem.

After breast reduction you will likely feel better about your appearance, and you will be able to wear the kind of shirts and outfits you always wanted to wear but didn’t because you wanted to hide your breasts. In addition, your sex life and desire for intimacy may improve significantly.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Reduction

You must be in relatively good health before undergoing breast reduction. If you complain of back, neck and shoulder pain and have large breasts, this is the correct surgery for you. It is important that you are well educated on this topic and are aware of the potential risks associated with this procedure. Dr. Burt will answer all of your questions and will be happy to discuss any health concerns you may have. If you are generally healthy, have realistic expectations and are ready to look and feel better about yourself, then you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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Before & After Photos

Explore our before and after gallery to witness the remarkable transformations that have left our clients feeling more confident and beautiful than ever. From subtle enhancements to dramatic makeovers, our gallery showcases the artistry of transformation.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess breast tissue and skin. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Burt makes a “lollipop” or “anchor” incision, which starts around the areola and extends vertically down to the fold of the breast. This allows her to trim excess tissue and lift the breasts to a higher position on the chest. In most cases, the nipples remain attached to the breast, but are moved up. In patients with very large breasts, nipple surgery may be performed in conjunction with breast reduction in order to reduce the size of the areolas. Lastly, the incisions are closed with sutures and surgical garments are placed around the upper chest. Breast reduction surgery Illinois can be covered by insurance but is a specific process requiring a complete consultation, photos, a medical history consistent with macromastia (large breasts) as well as an insurance policy with coverage of this type of procedure.

What to Expect During Recovery

Of all breast procedures, this is the most difficult one and requires a longer recovery. Right after surgery, you will feel sore and groggy, and you may experience slight discomfort. You will be able to go home the same day, where you will need to be cared for by a family member. During the first few days you will be taking pain medicine and antibiotics, and your breasts will remain bandaged. Swelling, bruising and soreness may last for several weeks, but then begin to improve over time. You may also experience sensation changes to the nipples for up to six months. You will most likely be able to return to work within two weeks. Dr. Burt will carefully monitor you during the healing process and will give you step-by-step instructions on how to care for your breasts during this time. This is an outpatient procedure that can be performed at our onsite surgery center in Plainfield or one of the local hospitals.