The Benefits of a Brow Lift

Nobody wants to hear the phrase “You look tired.” Or even worse: “Are you angry?” Especially when you are feeling neither of these things. But a forehead full of creases that seems to fall further down your face as the years go by can cause facial expressions that don’t match your intentions, and at the same time make you look older. One solution to this problem is brow lift surgery. The team at Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre outlines some benefits of having a brow lift.

But First, What is a Brow Lift?

Brow lift (or forehead) surgery is a cosmetic procedure used to tighten the soft tissues of the forehead and lift it with the result of eliminating wrinkles in the area and between the eyebrows and around the eyes, also lifting drooping eyebrows and eyelids as a result.

Brow Lift Benefit #1: You Look Younger

It’s inevitable: the smooth, unworried brow of youth gradually falls over time, causing the entire face to have a droopy appearance. Add in the loss of elasticity as we age and the wrinkling effects of stress and the constant effects of sun and wind, and our foreheads get a battered look that can cause our entire face to look heavy and worn.

But can a brow lift really make a big difference in how young we look? Experiment with the following exercise: Place your hands above your eyebrows and on the outside edges of your eyes and gently raise your skin upwards. You look younger, right? This is why brow lift surgery is one of the most requested surgeries of women ages 35 to 65.

Brow Lift Benefit #2: You Look Nicer

Frown lines, droopy eyebrows, the famous “11” lines between your eyebrows — together, the perfect unwanted recipe for an angry-looking face, even if you’re feeling great inside! Brow lift surgery smooths out forehead wrinkles, eliminating that furrowed brow that causes you to look upset, worried or fatigued. It lifts the brow and opens hooded eyes, removing vertical lines between the brows and crow’s feet on the outer edges of the eyes, for a face that now looks like it’s ready to welcome the world.

Brow Lift Benefit #3: You Can See Better

As the forehead skin sinks, it creates a hooding effect for the eyes, sometimes bringing with it physical heaviness and even obstruction of vision. Over time, drooping eyelids can gradually block peripheral vision. A brow lift elevates the forehead starting at the hairline, creating a natural-looking lift to the brow line, while also lifting the upper eyelids out of the way of your line of sight.

Is Brow Lift Surgery Right for You?

Are you seeing signs of a drooping or fatigued-looking face when you look in the mirror? Do you want to show the world a more youthful, pleasant facial expression? Find out more about brow lift surgery by contacting Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre and scheduling a free consultation with a board-certified surgeon.

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