Brazilian Butt Lift

Unlock Your Curves, Embrace Your Confidence

Patient 1

Patient is a 40 year old woman (5’2” and 125lbs) who complains of lack of projection and roundness to her buttocks. She has fullness in the abdomen, flanks and bra rolls that bother her and would like to use this fat in her buttocks. She has received a Brazilian Butt Lift along with Sculptra injections to increase the projection and define the contours of her buttocks.

Patient 2

Patient is a 35 year old woman (5’6” and 180lbs) who complains of a lax abdomen after childbearing. After receiving an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure, she returned to request a Brazilian Butt Lift. By further contouring her flanks and bra rolls with liposuction, the fat was then used to improve shape and lift the buttocks.

Patient 3

Gender: Female Age: 29 Description: Patient is a 29 year old female who complains of small and unshapely buttocks. She is 6 months s/p Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer from the abdomen, flanks, and back.

Patient 4

Gender: Female Age: 30 Description: Patient is a 30 year old female who complains of a small and poorly shaped buttock. She is 6 months s/p Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer from the abdomen, hips, and back using a total of 1200cc of fat.

Patient 5

Gender: Female Age: 45 Description: Patient is a 45 year old WF who complains of lax buttock and fullness in the abdomen and hips. She has come to a desirable weight with diet and exercise. She is now 4 months after a Brazilian Buttock Lift using about 500 cc per side and liposuctioning in the abdomen, bra rolls and flanks and inner thighs.