Breast Augmentation

Enhance Your Beauty, Embrace Your Confidence

Patient 1

Patient is a 29 year old woman (125lbs., 5’3”) who complained of small B cup breasts after breastfeeding her two children. She used to be a C cup prior to having children and wanted to go back to a full C or small D cup.

Patient 2

Patient is a 31 year old woman (5’2” and 140lbs) who complains of small B cup breasts after weight loss. She is very happy with the natural results she received from her breast augmentation.

Patient 3

Patient is a 40 year old woman (5’8” and 132lbs) who complains of small A cup breasts after breastfeeding her children. She requested to restore firmness and increase to her previous C cup breast.

Patient 4

Patient is a 35 year old woman (5’2” and 123lbs) who complains of small breasts after childbearing; including a set of twins. She was a B cup and wanted to be a full C cup breast.