Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Patient 7

37 year old female
Breast Augmentation with lift
Had lax D cup breasts after two children and weight loss changes

Patient 6

54 yr old female
Large 375cc saline implants from 2012 and heavy DD breasts
Had lax skin and back pain
Bilateral breast implant removal and breast lift with anchor incisions

Patient 5

Gender: Female Age: 34 Description: 36c to 36d 325 silicone

Patient 4

Breast Augmentation w/ Lift: This is a 29 year old white female who has lost about 40 pounds with diet and exercise. She has deflated her C cup breasts to a loose B cup. She is now 6 months after a bilateral breast augmentation with lift using 400 cc silicone implants and a lollipop type incision. She is doing well and enjoying her D cup volume!

Patient 3

Gender: Female Age: 31 Description: 36c to 36d 250cc silicone

Patient 2

Gender: Female Age: 40 Description: Patient is a 40 year old white female who complains of droopy B cup breasts and lax abdomen after gaining 20 pounds. She underwent mommy makeover and is now 6 months s/p bilateral breast lift and augmentation with 350cc MPP smooth silicone implants and lollipop lift and is now a full C cup. She also underwent abdominoplasty with tightening of the abdominal muscles.

Patient 1

Gender: Female Age: 35 Description: 36c to 36d 325cc silicone