Breast Lift

Lift Your Beauty, Boost Your Confidence

Patient 1

33 y/o female underwent functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty to improve breathing and external appearance.

Patient 2

Patient is a 38 year old woman (5’3” and 141lbs) who complains of lax breasts after childbearing. She wants to maintain the same volume but be tight and lifted. The patient is thrilled with her breast lift results and excited to return to her athletic lifestyle.

Patient 3

Patient is a 41 year old pleasant AAF who is a nurse and complains of laxity of D cup breasts after childbearing. She has noticed increased size and laxity after her 3 children. She is now 6 months post-surgery and has improved from a droopy D cup to a lifted C cup after breast lift.

Patient 4

Gender: Female Age: 39 Description: Patient is a pleasant 39 year old AAF who complains of back and shoulder pain secondary to her large G cup breasts. She is now 6 months after bilateral breast reduction with a breast lift and liposuction of the bra rolls and has had near complete resolution of her back pain and is now a small D cup.

Patient 5

Gender: Female Description: Patient is a very nice mother of 2 children who complains of sagging breasts after breastfeeding. She is now 1 year after a breast lift using an anchor approach.

Patient 6

Gender: Female Age: 19 Description: 36d anchor breast lift

Patient 7

Gender: Female Age: 46

Patient 8

Gender: Female Age: 44 Description: 100lb weight loss

Patient 9

patient has had 2 kids and 80lbs weight loss and had extremely loose skin and massive weight loss. She had a Tummy Tuck w/ lipo flanks and repaired Diastasis recti of her muscles. She had a concurrent bilateral breast augmention and lift – 310cc moderate high profile xtra silicone implants. The xtra implants provide additional firmness and a projected shape!

Patient 10

Gender: Female Age: 40 Description: Patient is a 40 year old Hispanic female who was a DD and wanted to be reduced to a full C with a lift. She is 6 months after a breast lift and partial reduction. She has had great improvement in her back pain and fits better in clothing.

Patient 11

Gender: Female Age: 40 Description: Patient is a 40 year old patient who complains of lax abdominal wall and breasts after 30 pound weight loss. She underwent mommy makeover with a breast lift and abdominoplasty with lipo of the hips and bra rolls.

Patient 12

Gender: Female Age: 33 Description: Patient is a pleasant 33 year old female who lost over 30 pounds. She is now 2 months and one year after an abdominoplasty with liposuction of the waist, hips, and thighs as well as bilateral breast lift. She has lost over 4 dress sizes!

Patient 13

Gender: Female Age: 37 Description: Patient is a 37 year old African-American female who complains of lax breasts and abdomen after 3 children. She is now 3 months after a breast lift, abdominoplasty, and liposuction of her hips.

Patient 14

Gender: Female Age: 33

Patient 15

Patient is a 47 year old pleasant WF who is complains of dropping, sagging breasts that she wants lifted and tightened. She has completed childbearing after two children. Her breast size has now been reduced by 1.5 cups sizes after receiving her breast reduction with lift.