Breast Reduction

Discover the Freedom of Breast Reduction

Patient 1

Patient is a 41 year old woman (168 lbs., 5’6”) who complains of 38 DDDD cup breasts. Due to her breast size, she experiences severe back, neck and shoulder pain. She has tried heat, ice and anti-inflammatories without relief. She has had stable good weight despite inability to be very active. She has now received a breast reduction relieving the heavy weight from her DDDD cup breasts. Her posture has now improved and has shown significant abdominal improvement without additional abdominal surgery.

Patient 2

Gender: Female Age: 39 Description: Patient is a pleasant 39 year old D cup who is 6 months s/p bilateral breast lift using a mini anchor approach. She is also been reduced to a C cup which fits her frame better.

Patient 3

Patient is a 36 year old WF who complains of heavy DDD cup breasts that have restricted her ability to be active and pain free. She has had several consultations and chose Dr. Burt for her breast reduction surgery. She also underwent bilateral bra roll liposuction to further improve her lateral breast and back area for better overall contouring in addition to her breast reduction surgery. She is reduced by 3 cup sizes now and is now a C cup. She is pleased and has complete resolution of her back, neck and shoulder pain!

Patient 4

Patient is a 25 year old woman (170lbs and 5’5”) who had severe back, neck and shoulder pain secondary to large breasts measuring DDD cup. She requested to be reduced at least 3 cup sizes and is very happy with her results from breast reduction.

Patient 5

Gender: Female Age: 41 Description: Patient is a 41 year old female who complains of H cup breasts. She is 6 months s/p bilateral breast reduction and is now a D cup.