Removing Growths, Restoring Confidence

Patient 1

16 year old female presents with a lesion on her nose which has been enlarging for many years. She underwent excision and bilobe flap reconstruction to ensure aesthetic contour to her nose.

Patient 2

50 year old female underwent removal of benign skin lesions called syringomas along nose in office with no scarring.

Patient 3

58 y/o was referred by dermatology to treat a growing right eye mass. Dr. Will removed in office with a precision closure to minimize scarring.

Patient 4

Patient had a large keloid on her left ear from previous piercing.  She underwent in office removal and repair.

Patient 5

60 year old man presents with right cheek mass that has been growing and becoming more uncomfortable. He underwent removal in the office of a large sebaceous cyst with well healed scar.

Patient 6

Acral fibrokeratoma-Fibrokeratoma (non-cancerous growth) on the finger treated with a shave removal.