Discover a New You with Liposuction

Patient 1

Patient is a 48 year old woman (5’5” and 115lbs) who complains of fullness in the abdomen and flanks. Despite good exercise, she has been unable to further reduce this area. She is very pleased with the results from her liposuction procedure!

Patient 2

Patient is a pleasant AAF who has been considering body contouring for a long time. She is now at a good baseline weight but is unhappy with the fullness in the abdomen and flanks. She does not have a lot of downtime due to her job and family. We elected to perform tumescent liposuction in the abdomen and flanks and she is now only 3 months after surgery. She already sees remarkable improvement but she will continue to improve her shape and measurements!

Patient 3

Patient is a 45 year old woman (130 lbs., 5’4”) who is a mother of three; including twins. She complains of loose skin and fullness to her abdomen due to previous c-sections. She is now feeling confident again after her tummy tuck with liposuction.

Patient 4

Patient is a pleasant AAF who complains of lax abdomen after childbearing and weight loss. Her weight is stable now and her children are grown. She feels it is now time to correct the laxity once and for all. She is now one year after an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks. She has reduced by two dress sizes and is back to her baseline activity levels. She is so pleased that she continues to refer her friends!

Patient 5

Patient is a fit 35 year old AAM who complains of stubborn fat in the abdomen and flanks despite exercising and eating healthy. He states he has had these fatty areas even at his thinnest weight. He underwent a one hour liposuction procedure with significant correction to the abdomen and flanks. He feels more comfortable in his clothes, especially his pants and fitted shirts.

Patient 6

patient has had 2 kids and 80lbs weight loss and had extremely loose skin and massive weight loss. She had a Tummy Tuck w/ lipo flanks and repaired Diastasis recti of her muscles. She had a concurrent bilateral breast augmention and lift – 310cc moderate high profile xtra silicone implants. The xtra implants provide additional firmness and a projected shape!

Patient 7

Patient has had 6 kids and 15 lbs weight loss and was frustrated with lax skin and muscles after her children. She has had bilateral arm and thigh lift with liposuction. Circumferential tummy tuck with liposuction Bilateral breast lift. She stayed a D cup but is now lifted and firm.

Patient 8

Gender: Female Age: 44 Description: Patient is a 44 year old white female who complains of a thick abdomen and love handles since her teenage years. She is 6 months s/p tumescent liposuction of the abdomen and love handles.

Patient 9

Gender: Female Age: 32

Patient 10

Gender: Male Age: 26 Description: Patient is a 26 year old WM who complains of nipple projection (gynecomastia). He has tried weight loss with no improvement. He is 6 months s/p bilateral chest liposuction and gynecomastia reduction.

Patient 11

Gender: Male Age: 41 Description: Patient is a 41 year old white male who complains of a “spare tire.” He is 12 months s/p liposuction of the abdomen and love handles.

Patient 12

Gender: Male Age: 42 Description: Patient is a pleasant 42 year old white male who complains of chest fullness (gynecomastia) and chest asymmetry. He is 4 months after bilateral chest reduction using liposuction and a periareolar incision.

Patient 13

Gender: Female Age: 29 Description: Patient is a 29 year old AAF who complains of small buttock and fullness in the abdomen. She is one year after Brazilian Butt Lift using about 1000 cc of transferred fat. The fat was harvested from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and bra rolls.abdominoplasty and lipo of her hips.