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Looking to Slim Down Your Tummy or Love Handles?

A look at laser fat reduction

There are many different types of tools out there that reportedly slim the abdomen, love handles and legs. But do they work? We have done our due diligence in researching all of the lasers and machines out there to determine whether they deliver reliable results.

For example, we have all heard of “freezing the fat” and “fat-melting” tools. We personally researched and used this technology on our patients. Freezing the fat with CoolSculpt takes a minimum of two hours and can only be used in certain areas. We found that it caused pain during the recovery process, as well, and we could not get reliable results afterward, which was frustrating for everyone. We tried approximately 10 different machines and found that none delivered the kind of results that we were promised.

Finally, we discovered TruSculpt by Cutera. This type of laser allows 20 percent of the fat up to 1.5 cm below the skin to be heated beyond survival, subsequently leading to about 20 percent reduction in fat after two treatments after about three months. This technology is versatile and can be used anywhere below the neck safely. We found that the results were gradual but reliable. Patients tolerated the procedure, which took 30 to 60 minutes, had no downtime and noticed lovely results in their love handles, saddlebags, abdomen, arms, inner thighs and under the buttocks, too!

I am glad that I now have an option for patients who don’t want to try liposuction, can’t afford tummy tuck or want to avoid the downtime required for surgical options. TruSculpt laser fat reduction is not surgery and does not produce results on par with those of surgical procedures; however, it does deliver beautiful, noticeable results, without any cuts or bruises to the skin, and for a fraction of the cost.

Finally, an option for fat reduction that did not exist before!

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