Do you seek a blemish free, scar free, and spot free face? Are you tired of seeing these unattractive imperfections in your mirror each morning? Do you dream of a day you can leave the house makeup-free, with no reservations?

We understand. Daily people from the Chicago area come to us with similar complaints. They want clear, clean, and youthful skin, free of unsightly marks that impede their beauty.

At Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Center we offer facials that are second to none. We offer various procedures in our suite of facial procedures available to leave your skin with a healthy new glow. With our experienced, certified staff of aestheticians and laser technicians, Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Center provides the most effective microdermabrasion procedure in the Greater Chicago area. Our patients will be able to work with our talented aestheticians and laser technicians, Kelly Poyser, Sara Duncan, and Corrie Towry.

Microdermabrasion is the latest technology to provide effective exfoliation, and rejuvenation of the facial skin. It can:

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Because this procedure is non-invasive, there is zero down time and minimal discomfort.

Offering the Diamond Tome skin resurfacing system that gently exfoliates the surface with natural diamond chips and vacuums away dead cells to smooth and soften the skin. This process erases the imperfections caused by acne, acne scarring, sun damage, etc., without affecting your skin’s integrity. The result is a smoother, more youthful appearance.

With microdermabrasion’s preciseness, the procedure is practically painless. With multiple treatments, younger, softer skin will be displayed at the surface of the face, promoting changes in texture, color, and appearance.

As a general rejuvenation treatment for the face, microdermabrasion effectively reduces surface blemishes while also stimulating collagen growth in the skin. This creates a softer, younger appearance in the face while also promoting healthy skin.

Microdermabrasion Results

Optimal results come from multiple treatments. The number and their frequency will depend on your skin type, skin issues, and desired outcome. A regiment of treatment will be established during your consultation with our aestheticians, laser technicians, or Dr. Will. Dr. Will will also oversee your results.

It is important to take special care of your skin for the first several days after microdermabrasion. Our medical staff will provide instructions for you, including wearing sunblock and avoiding direct sunlight.

I’ve been going to Limelight for eight months for laser hair reduction. My specialist, Corrie, has been doing amazing work. She has a gentle and professional touch, and you can’t go wrong with whatever treatments she provides for you. She has also provided me a wealth of advice and guidance for my visual goals. I highly recommend Limelight, as well as Corrie, for all of your beauty treatment needs! – Madeline P.


During your consultation, you will be able to have an in-depth discussion with Dr. Will or our aestheticians and laser technicians. We will listen to your expectations for the procedure. We will perform a thorough examination of your skin and tell you what we recommend and why.

We will make sure to listen to all your questions, and give you ample time to ask them.

We’ll also show you before and after pictures of patients with similar facial features, who had the same questions as you. Here you will get a better idea of what can and cannot be done, leaving you with a reasonable expectation of your outcome.

You’ll be able to learn about the procedures, your unique skin characteristics, and what you can expect leading up to, and during procedure. It is important that both you and whoever performs your procedure agree as to the aesthetics and process of your procedure so you can reach attainable goals and appearance.