Neck Liposuction

Your Path to a Sculpted Neckline

Patient 1

54 y/o female who underwent in office neck liposuction and platysmaplasty

Patient 2

61 year old female underwent a facelift with neck liposuction to address neck laxity after losing over 100lbs.

Patient 3

53 year old woman received a face lift, neck liposuction and lip implants for facial rejuvenation. She has received dermal fillers and likes the results, but was looking for more permanent results.

Patient 4

51 year old female is shown 6 weeks after receiving neck liposuction to lift and contour neck.

Patient 5

32 year old female received neck liposuction to address concerns with double chin.

Patient 6

36 year old female underwent neck liposuction.

Patient 7

49 year old female underwent neck lift with neck liposuction for correction of loose neck skin and double chin. At her 6 week post-surgical appointment she said, “I didn’t expect for the results to be better than expected.”

Patient 8

Gender: Female

Patient 9

Gender: Female

Patient 10

Gender: Female

Patient 11

Gender: Female

Patient 12

Gender: Female

Patient 13

Gender: Female

Patient 14

45 year old woman underwent neck liposuction to improve laxity of the skin.

Patient 15

Gender: Female

Patient 16

Gender: Female

Patient 17

Gender: Female

Patient 18

Gender: Female

Patient 19

64 year old female underwent lower blepharoplasty and mini face and neck lift with neck liposuction.