NeoGraft vs Other Hair Restoral Methods

When it comes to hair restoral methods, there’s long been a lack of satisfactory middle ground. While surgical methods of correcting hair loss (i.e., hair transplants) existed, many patients felt that they were too invasive. The risk of pain, scarring, and complications drove them to seek out temporary hair restoration treatments instead…only to discover that these are anything but convenient. Having to constantly re-apply hair growth creams, hairpieces, etc., gets both costly and frustrating for most hair loss sufferers. Moreover, hairpieces and wigs simply cannot 100% emulate the look and feel of natural hair.

Fortunately, once again modern cosmetic medicine has stepped in to provide an answer: Today, those struggling with thinning or patchy hair have a third option to choose from: NeoGraft. NeoGraft is a cutting-edge hair restoration treatment that focuses on transplanting individual hair follicles in a way that is largely non-invasive. Unlike a conventional hair transplant, NeoGraft carries no risk of significant post-surgical pain or scarring because it doesn’t require that any incisions be made into the skin.

During NeoGraft treatment, a highly trained hair restoration team uses a follicular unit extraction (FUE) device to remove healthy hair follicles from areas where the patient has thick, lush hair cover. This method allows for no surgical incision to be made and, therefore, no visible scarring. These follicles are then inserted into areas where the patient’s hair is thin. The end result is more even overall hair cover that looks and feels completely natural. Indeed, because this treatment utilizes the body’s own hair growth system, there’s no functional difference between hair transplanted via a NeoGraft treatment and the patient’s pre-existing hair. Furthermore, because follicles are removed and transplanted one at a time, there’s no risk of even small “pit” scars forming (as sometimes occurs when clumps of follicles are transplanted).

The non-invasive nature of NeoGraft allows most patients to forgo sedation and opt for local anesthetic instead, meaning that they can return to their normal activities almost immediately after their treatment is complete. If you’re interested in permanently restoring lost hair without the risk of pain or scarring, you should therefore discuss NeoGraft with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. The trained professionals here at Burt & Will can help you get your hair—and your confidence—back, risk-free.

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