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Why Plastic Surgery Makes a Great Holiday Gift


We’ve been told a lot lately that Christmas shopping is easier with online sites and Black Monday deals. However, with delayed shipping and incorrect orders, getting the perfect present may be as hard as it always was. So, when we shop for someone special, we’d finally like to sidestep unforeseen problems or surprises.

The are many keys to choosing the perfect gift: it must have a personal element, and the recipient must want it unambiguously. It must also have some component that makes the New Year better for them. A seasonal sweater or favorite perfume just doesn’t fit this bill. What does fit the bill is a gift that’ll improve their confidence and self-esteem.

It’s now trendy to give plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments during the holiday season. Not only can these gifts be life-changing, but they also provide a lasting impact which says, “I love you,” long after the bows and wrapping paper have been discarded.

Five Great Reasons for Cosmetic Treatments

Here are some great reasons for choosing plastic surgery or aesthetic procedures for a Christmas present:

  1. Lasting Impact – The recipient will experience the lasting joy that comes with a cosmetic improvement. Depending on the procedure, it could impact their lives for months, even years.
  2. Priceless Gift – It’s a gift with a cost, but you can’t measure the value of a treatment by its cost. Experiencing improved confidence and self-esteem brings along many other quality benefits personally and professionally. This gift will eventually become priceless!
  3. Affordable – With multiple procedures for each aesthetic issue there are flexible spending options that should meet any budget.
  4. Practical – Everyone wants to look their best, and some of your loved ones might have expressed a desire to undergo a procedure that’ll help them. So, a gift of plastic surgery or aesthetic treatment is extremely relevant for someone that’s always wanted it.
  5. A gift that never stops giving – This gift has long-lasting outcomes that will bring joy every time the recipient sees themselves in the mirror. Whether its improvement of facial beauty or body contouring, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Best Giftable Procedures for the Holidays

Surgery is not always convenient because of how long recovery periods may be. However, during the holidays is a fitting time because many take vacations during this period. Here are some popular surgical procedures presented as Christmas gifts.

Surgical Procedures

  • Breast augmentation – Breast augmentation is a popular gift because many women want to improve their breasts after childbirth, weight-loss, or maybe they’ve wanted to feel more feminine all their life.
  • Facelift – Facial appearance is important to women and men alike, and a facelift can help you look up to a decade younger by providing a tighter, younger looking face.
  • Liposuction – People who struggle with stubborn fat pads despite a dedicated diet and exercise regimen have all thought about liposuction. This body sculpting procedure can remove those stubborn fat pads with incredible ease.
  • Tummy Tuck – Improving the consequences of pregnancy or weight loss is paramount to those who suffer from loose skin and excess fat in the abdominal area. A tummy tuck is a great surgical procedure to deliver a youthful, tight tummy.


  • Botox – Botox, the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world, can effectively remove wrinkles and lines just in time for those holiday parties.
  • Dermal Fillers – Fillers can remove wrinkles around the mouth, cheek, and lips. They are minimally invasive procedures with quick results and short downtime.
  • Medical Spa – Here is a great way to pamper the one you love. Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic Hydration Facials, and Medical Grade Skin Care are available to bring beauty to your significant other.
  • Laser Treatments – These laser treatments are designed to bring effective skin rejuvenation and anti-aging measures into a non-invasive, convenient treatment regimen.
  • Acne Treatments – This is a great gift for your son or daughter who struggles with moderate to severe acne. Advance treatments with effective results will give them more confidence as well.

The Holidays Are a Prime-Time for Plastic Surgery

The cooler months are the best times for plastic surgery. Here’s why:

  • Recovery during holiday vacation – When work can be so time-consuming, the idea of a couple of weeks off is out of the question. Many patients choose their holiday vacation to recover when things slow down professionally around the holidays.
  • Winter is a more comfortable time for recovery – Heat can make a recovery very uncomfortable. With cooler temperatures, incision healing is more comfortable.
  • More Time for More Options – Body contouring options require more recovery time. Many procedures like tummy tuck, and breast augmentation will need enough time to recover before the warmer temperatures roll in.
  • Hide recovery and surgical garments – Incisions take time to heal and require bandages. Winter allows for additional layers to hide any swelling, bruising or surgical dressings. Scarfs, hats, sweaters, and sweatpants are common items of clothing that can hide the aftermath of surgery.
  • Get ahead of your New Year’s Resolution – Many of us make promises to ourselves that we will improve our outward appearance the upcoming year. With a holiday cosmetic treatment, you will be able to get a jump start on this resolution.


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