Rash Relief: Soothe, Heal, Thrive

Patient 1

Pityriasis Rosea-Female patient with pityriasis rosea over the back, which in her case was itchy and symptomatic. Images show this common rash before and after treatment.

Patient 2

Numular Dermatits (legs)-Male patient with a type of dermatitis called nummular dermatitis, sometimes referred to as discoid eczema. Here is the rash before and during treatment, which included both prescription creams and some modifications of the products he was using at home. His itching improved significantly.

Patient 3

This male patient’s itchy hands were treated with a variety of creams before he came to our clinic. This rash was a form of a fungal rash where the infection tracks into the hair follicles. It responded well to a combination of oral and topical medications.

Patient 4

Lip Dermatitis-This female patient presented with a dry, itchy, painful lip dermatitis. This responded well to modifications in her daily products as well topical ointments.

Patient 5

This female patient had a rash called confluent and reticulated papillomatosis, which tends to occur on the neck, trunk and armpits. It responded very well to an oral antibiotic.

Patient 6

Blistering Legs-Patient with a blistering rash over the legs treated with a combination of oral medications and topical medications.