The Rise in Plastic Surgery Gift Giving

In an effort to avoid the awkward “You shouldn’t have” gift giving moment, many are thinking outside the box. In fact, according to recent trend reports, gifting plastic surgery is something that is on the rise. Of course, this is only recommended if the gift recipient has actually made it very clear that he or she is seriously considering a specific procedure. If this person has expressed personal interest in a certain treatment, imagine how excited he or she will be to receive a voucher or gift certificate for the selected procedure. In this blog post, Drs. Will and Burt discuss three plastic surgery options that are very popular for gift giving.  

Breast Surgery

Breast enhancement surgeries are among the most commonly performed procedures, and they have very high patient satisfaction ratings. Many women go years feeling unsatisfied and even self-conscious about their breasts. It could be that their breasts have never been the size they wanted or that they lost volume due to pregnancy or aging. Either way, many women agonize over the appearance of their chest. Whether it’s a breast lift, breast lift with breast augmentation, breast augmentation or breast reduction, many patients report that these surgeries are life changing. If your gift recipient is in good health, a non-smoker and has reasonable expectations of treatment, she is likely a good candidate for breast enhancement surgery.


If the object of your affection struggles with diet and exercise-resistant pockets of fat, liposuction could help. An effective and widely used body contouring technique, lipo can help her to achieve the sculpted body she has always wanted. Traditional liposuction breaks up and suctions fat away from the body through a thin, hollow tube inserted through tiny incisions. Alternately, ultrasound or laser energy can be used to heat up and emulsify fat so it is more gently removed. Whatever option you choose, Dr. Burt will use her extensive experience to ensure a smooth contour in the treatment area. Your gift recipient should be close to her ideal weight, as this is not a weight loss procedure and is not recommended for patients that are overweight.


When a person’s nose is out of balance with her other features, it can upset facial harmony and affect overall attractiveness. Rhinoplasty surgery can help shift your loved one’s features back into proportion. It doesn’t have to be a tremendous change, as some might assume. The goal of rhinoplasty is to achieve a natural looking nose that those around you can easily believe you were born with. The surgery can help with anything from an overly large nose and a wide base to a deviated septum, asymmetry, crookedness or a hump on the bridge of the nose.

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