Skincare Habits to Adopt in the New Year

With 2019 upon us, if improving your skin health is not part of your New Year goals, it’s not too late to add to optimal skin care habits to your 2019 resolutions. Although weight control tops most lists for health-related resolutions, having fresh, radiant skin is just as important to look and feel your best in the coming year.

The following suggestions for habits to incorporate into your skincare regimen will help you attain a bright, clean complexion on your face and over your entire body. They’re painless and easy-to-adopt. After one month of creating these new habits, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the best skin health you’ve seen since childhood.


Although topical moisturizers and creams are great to add moisture to your skin, it’s important to blance this with drinking enough water to help with hydration. Ease off the coffee, tea, and soft drinks and add plenty of H2O into your diet. This will help with multiple health factors including weight loss, and your skin will be better because of it.

Wash Your Face with Care

Most of us have a set routine when it comes to washing our face, especially at night – Right? Use gentle cleansers and a soft surface cloth instead of an abrasive washcloth or exfoliation apparatus. When we over-scrub the face, the skin gets angry and inflamed, which actually worsens blemishes and flares up acne bumps and the like.

Add a Retinol or Retinoid for Nighttime

When starting retinol treatment, you should get excited about how it helps in multiple skincare protocols. It helps to remove brown spots, improves skin texture, minimizes pore size, reduces scarring, helps with breakouts, aids in wrinkle reduction, removes environmental damage, and stimulates collagen. At Burt and Will, we carry multiple options, including ZO Advanced Radical Night Repair.

Sunscreen – Sunscreen – Sunscreen

Rain or shine, hot or cold, you should be wearing sunscreen! If you have neglected this essential practice for skin health up to know – Start Immediately! This will add years to your skin’s appearance and reduce the risk of age spots, sun damage and skin cancer. It will also help reduce the onset of aging skin and its unwanted blemishes like wrinkles and fine line. ZO® Skin Health’s Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 is an excellent option.

Use Something with Vitamin C

Supplemental vitamins for health concerns has been a norm in our culture for decades. But what about skin health. Vitamin C serums help brighten your skin, improve its texture, and reduce dark spots. It can act as an anti-oxidant, helping to minimize sun damage on the skin. Our patients have been pleased with ZO Skin Health Ossential C-Bright because of its gentle vehichle.

Exfoliate All Over

Limit exfoliating your face to no more than two times per week, but you should exfoliate your body as well. Gently using a cleanser like Rozatrol for the face and Oraser for the body will show both face and body a lotta love. They will dramatically change your skin’s texture to reveal a clean, gorgeous skin radiance. One tip for shaving your legs, exfoliate first to eliminate dead skin and pave the way for a smooth shave.

Hyaluronic Serum

It is common knowledge among skin care professionals that hyaluronic acid is a natural component to your body. It is in the skin and connective tissue from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. It helps keep every part moist and well hydrated by retaining the water you take into your body. With age, your HA levels reduce, and skin tends to dry and wrinkle. Also, with a loss of moisture, volume depletes as well.

ZO® Medical’s RETAMAX™ will do wonders to help restore Hyaluronic Acid levels to optimal levels. HA dermal fillers also aid in increasing Hyaluronic Acid to your underlying tissues to add volume and reduce sagging skin.


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