Photo of Surgeon Sisters


Our journey is a special and unique one.  It starts in a small town in India and blossoms right in the middle of the United States.

Our father was a surgeon, born and trained in India and soon arrived on the shores the US in Washington DC in the early ‘70s. He was offered a coveted position in an orthopedic residency and eventually our mother, father, brother and us moved to the plains of Nebraska where our father had a fulfilling career in the same surgical practice for FORTY years.  He would come home and excitedly describe his surgeries and needless to say, it directly influenced our paths in life.
Flash forward, Neena and I graduated from top universities, majored in Chemistry and Biology, and returned to our Nebraska roots for medical school. I pursued a specialty in plastic surgery and encouraged Neena to do the same.  We met our husbands during our medical training and now the four surgeons live just a mile apart raising our eight children together.

It’s a privilege to practice medicine, it’s a thrill to be cosmetic plastic surgeons, but it’s a real unique honor to work with your sister and best friend every day. It has been 20 years this year and we wouldn’t change a thing. Cheers to many more!


Dr. Tripti Dolly Burt (née Agarwal)

Dr. Neena Will (née Agarwal)


An image of Dr. Burt & Will playing tennis
An image of Dr. Burt & Will on a bridge