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The Benefits of Breast Augmentation: How to Look and Feel Your Best

For many individuals, the size of their breasts plays a significant role in defining the overall proportions of their figure. In some cases, the natural size may be perceived as too small in relation to the rest of the body, resulting in an imbalance. Aging, weight changes, and childbirth can all contribute to changes in breast size and shape, leading to aesthetic concerns.

One solution for small or asymmetrical breasts is surgical breast augmentation. This approach involves the surgical placement of implants or the use of one’s own fat to increase breast size, also known as breast enlargement. It can effectively address many of the concerns associated with breast size and shape, providing a more proportional figure.

While there are many benefits of breast augmentation, a comprehensive view of what this procedure entails can help you achieve your desired physical balance. At Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Naperville, IL, we offer a range of breast augmentation options to meet the unique goals of each individual.

An Introduction to Breast Augmentation

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the size of an individual’s breasts and improve their shape and contour. This surgery is often sought after by those who feel their breasts are too small, asymmetrical, or have lost volume due to factors like aging, weight loss, or pregnancy.

What Are Your Breast Augmentation Options?

Breast augmentation offers various options to cater to diverse aesthetic needs and body types. Implants are the most common method used, with different types such as saline and silicone available, each having unique advantages. The choice of implant type, size, and shape is a personalized decision, guided by the surgeon and based on individual goals, lifestyle, and body type.

For a more comprehensive result, a breast lift and augmentation can be considered to address sagging or drooping while increasing size. Another popular choice is the “mommy makeover,” a combination of procedures that may include breast augmentation, tummy tuck, breast lift, or liposuction and is designed to help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy physique.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation Explored

Restoring Breast Symmetry and Proportion

One of the key benefits of breast augmentation is its ability to restore symmetry and proportion to the breasts. Some individuals may naturally have asymmetrical breasts, where one is larger than the other. A well-planned breast augmentation can address this concern, providing a balanced, natural look that enhances the overall body proportion.

Enhancing Body Contour and Silhouette

Breast enlargement serves as a powerful tool in sculpting the body’s contour. This procedure contributes to a proportional upper body and a more harmonious silhouette. By increasing the size of the breasts, we can help you achieve a more balanced figure.

Restoring Breast Volume After Pregnancy or Weight Loss

Pregnancy and significant weight loss can dramatically change the size and shape of breasts, often leading to actual or perceived loss of volume and sagging. Breast augmentation can effectively restore the original fullness and firmness of the breasts, bringing back their pre-pregnancy or pre-weight loss state. A breast lift and augmentation can address both loss of volume and sagging.

Correcting Congenital Concerns

Congenital concerns, such as tuberous breasts or underdeveloped breasts, can be corrected with breast augmentation. The procedure can modify the shape, size, and projection of the breasts, addressing these concerns and providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Reconstruction After Mastectomy or Injury

Breast augmentation plays a significant role in reconstruction after a mastectomy or injury. The procedure helps recreate a natural-looking breast mound, providing a path toward physical recovery and a sense of normalcy for those who have undergone these life-altering experiences.

Enhancing Personal Style and Clothing Options

Breast augmentation can enhance personal style and expand clothing options. With a fuller figure, individuals may find that clothes or underclothes fit better, and they can have more freedom in choosing different styles and cuts, leading to a broader wardrobe and a more expressive personal style.

Additional Considerations for Breast Augmentation

Consult With a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Before you schedule a breast augmentation, it is important to discuss the procedure with a qualified plastic surgeon who has your best interests in mind. Look for a board-certified surgeon who will look closely at your health history, evaluate your current physical state, and discuss your aesthetic goals. An experienced surgeon will provide you with the best advice, guiding you toward a safe and successful breast augmentation.

Choosing the Right Implant Type, Size, and Shape

Deciding on the right implant type, size, and shape is a key factor in achieving a successful breast enlargement. Your surgeon will provide guidance based on your body type, lifestyle, and desired results. Whether you opt for saline or silicone implants, insertion below or above the muscle, and round or teardrop-shaped implants, the ultimate goal is to ensure that all of your choices align with your personal expectations and yield a natural, harmonious look.

Knowing What to Expect From the Surgery and Recovery

Understanding what to expect from the surgery and recovery phase is vital. Breast augmentation is a major surgery, and knowing the process can ease any anxiety. Your surgeon will provide detailed information about the procedure, anesthesia, potential risks, and the recovery timeline. Adhering to post-surgery instructions can help ensure both a smooth recovery and optimum results.

Learn More About the Benefits of Breast Augmentation for Personal Enhancement

Understanding the benefits of breast augmentation and the many different options you have with this surgery can help you to make informed decisions about your body. At Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, we focus on patient education and connection so that we can achieve beautiful and natural results that fit your body and aesthetic goals. For more information, you can contact us online or call (815) 267-0231 for services in Naperville, IL.

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