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What Happens During a Breast Augmentation?

For many women, breast augmentation offers a way to feel more confident and get their desired breast size. If this is something you’re looking to get, you can trust our team at Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Burr Ridge, IL, to offer this breast implant surgery customized to your unique needs.

Breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty or boob job) is a procedure for increasing the size of your breasts using fat transfer and breast implants. It’s also commonly done to restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss, resulting in a more rounded breast shape or improved natural breast size. During the consultation, our surgeon will explain the various steps to help the patient know what to expect and overcome initial anxiety about the surgery.

What Happens During a Breast Augmentation?

Breast surgery requires several procedures, equipment, and methods, just like all the other cosmetic methods. Here is a short outline of the steps that you’ll undergo during the surgery:

1. Anesthesia

Once the patient is brought to the surgery room, the first step is to place her under anesthesia. For breast augmentation, general anesthesia is typically used to perform the surgery. A registered anesthetist nurse or anesthesiologist may administer it.

After the surgery, the patient may experience nausea, grogginess, and other mild effects of anesthesia. Once the initial side effects have diminished, most patients can go home the same day. The patients need to have someone to drive them home after the surgery.

2. Making the Incision

After anesthesia, the next step is the placement of incisions in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. Incision options include under the breast crease, around the areola border, and in the armpit. Incisions may be made around the navel area in a few complicated cases.

Bear in mind that incisions usually vary with the type of breast implant, your particular anatomy, degree of enlargement desired, and patient-surgeon preference. Our doctor will discuss all these options and help you determine the ideal incision for you.

3. Implant Placement

Once the incisions have been made, breast implants are placed into the pockets either:

  • Under the pectoral muscle (a submuscular placement), or
  • Over the pectoral muscle, directly behind the breast tissue (a submammary placement)

After evaluating your unique breast anatomy and assessing the implant size, the surgeon will decide where to place the implant. Our doctor will brief you on the benefits and limitations of each placement to help you make a well-considered choice.

4. Incision Closure

After the implants are placed and adjusted into position, your doctor will close the incisions using sutures. Temporary drain tubes are also placed beneath the skin in the incision area. You’ll need to ensure the incision areas are dry and contamination-free to minimize the risk of infection. The tubes and sutures can be removed after about seven to ten days.

With time, you will notice that the incision marks start to fade. The healing of a scar depends on several factors, including your genetics and exposure of your body to various external factors, such as infection, sunlight, and nicotine.

5. Results

You may observe some swelling on your chest after the procedure; don’t worry about it since it’s natural. Usually, the surgery results are pretty visible soon after the surgery. You’ll notice the new size and shape of your breast immediately after the procedure, although the final results will take a few weeks or months as the breasts heal fully from surgery.

The swelling around the incision area will reduce over time, giving you a clearer idea of your breast shape. To develop the appropriate shape, patients with small or asymmetrical breasts will have to wear the bandeau (support garment like an elastic bra). This both provides support and helps the breasts to form the right shape. In this case, it can be hard to predict the results when a patient is wearing it; but you will be able to see the results once the doctor removes it.

Reasons Women Choose Augmentation Mammoplasty

1. Naturally Small Breasts

Women born naturally with small breasts may feel less feminine than their counterparts with bigger breasts, making them feel ashamed about how they look with or without clothes. One of their common concern is the difficulty in finding clothes that fit them well. Breast implants can be the perfect option for them, giving them a fuller bust and boosting self-confidence.

2. Weight Loss

Breasts are among the first areas impacted when women lose weight because they are composed of fatty tissue. Most women who have lost a notable amount of weight may find that their breasts are no longer full or plump. Breast implants can give women more volume and shape while maintaining their slim waistline and healthier weight.

3. Changes After Children

The appearance of a woman’s breast can change significantly due to pregnancy and fluctuating weight during the process. They can begin to droop and lose volume, especially if a woman is pregnant multiple times. Breast augmentation is a surgery that will effectively restore a woman’s figure to more like it was before pregnancy.

4. To Look Younger

As women age, they begin to experience a difference in the volume of their breasts; they start to sag and even get smaller in some cases. These changes can be distressing. Women in their 40s and 50s can consider breast implants to restore their bustline’s youthful look and some of that youthful confidence.

5. More Symmetry

It’s common for women to have asymmetric breasts due to uneven growth spurts during puberty. It can also be caused by estrogen levels that cause one breast to grow at a different rate, making a woman self-conscious about her looks. Therefore, breast implants may make breasts look more symmetrical, increasing a patient’s self-confidence.

6. After a Mastectomy

Some women who have undergone cancer diagnosis and breast reconstruction are usually eager to feel like their old selves. Breast implants can work as a miracle for their breast reconstruction journey and satisfy their aesthetic needs.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

The number one thing you need to note is that breast surgery is a personal procedure, so ensure you’re doing it for yourself. Patients’ satisfaction rate increases when they undergo surgery because of their interest and not society’s pressure. Nevertheless, a good candidate has the following qualities:

  • Generally healthy
  • Not breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Breasts are entirely mature
  • Realistic expectations


How Can You Prepare?

Before the surgery, a patient will have to discuss her desired feel, appearance, and side of her bust with the plastic surgeon. The surgeon will explain the basic things, such as types of implants, the different kinds of materials, your desired shape, among others. The patient will be asked to choose from a list of surgical techniques based on the doctor’s recommendations.

Before the patient decides, she must understand various aspects that will prepare her for the results, including that breast implants don’t affect breastfeeding. Another thing is that breast implants may not last a lifetime as the breast will resize or reshape itself along with the changes of your age and weight. In some cases, surgeons may recommend that smokers stop smoking for four to six weeks before and after the surgery.

What To Expect from Recovery

The plastic surgeon will wrap your breast with an elastic bandage and wound dressings after the procedure or advise you to put on a support bra. It will help minimize the swelling and support the breast until it is fully healed. You will be taken into the recovery area for close monitoring immediately after surgery; once you’re stable for discharge, you’ll be permitted to go home.

Before you leave, the doctor will provide self-care guidelines and tips for a better and fast recovery. You’ll also be reminded to take the follow-up appointment for the doctor to monitor your recovery.

Get Your Desired Boobs!

When done properly, breast augmentation can help allay insecurities and boost your self-confidence. It’s a straightforward surgery that takes only a couple of hours. The doctor will use advanced surgical techniques, different types of implants, and gentle anesthesia to get you the beautiful, natural-looking results you desire. Therefore, if you want to determine if you’re the right candidate for this surgery, it’s right for you to meet with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. Get in touch with us at Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Burr Ridge, IL, to find out more.

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