What Is Kybella Used For?

As you become older, you are increasingly likely to develop a double chin. Although a double chin doesn’t pose a medical risk, this facial feature can make you feel unhappy and even cause you to avoid having your picture taken. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through a complicated procedure to reduce your double chin and achieve a slimmer profile. At Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Burr Ridge, Illinois, we can minimize your double chin with Kybella.

What Is Kybella Used For?

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that can reduce the prominence of your double chin in a minimally invasive manner. A double chin, which scientists call submental fullness, is caused by excess fat under your chin. This injectable product is specifically formulated to reduce this pocket of unwanted fat and give you a more contoured profile.

An Innovative Technique

This state-of-the-art injectable product contains a substance called deoxycholic acid. Your body can use this naturally-occurring substance to dissolve fat. Once we administer the injectable product into your treatment area, it will destroy fat cells under your chin. Over time, your body will process and remove these cells using natural methods. The fat under your chin will be reduced, and you will look slimmer and more vibrant.

Why Do I Have a Prominent Double Chin?

A prominent double chin can decrease your confidence and make you look older and heavier. There are a variety of factors that can cause you to develop this frustrating facial feature.

Your Family History

Your genes have a large influence on how fat is distributed on your body. If your parents and other relatives have double chins, you may be more likely to store fat under your chin as well. Accordingly, you might develop a double chin even if the rest of your body is very slim and fit.

Your Age

Your age also plays a role in the appearance of your chin. As you become older, your metabolism may slow down, and you might gain excess fat in many different areas on your body. Since your chin is fairly small, gaining a very small amount of additional fat can still give you a noticeable double chin.

Further, as you age, you might have less energy and time to engage in regular exercise and healthy eating. Adopting a more sedentary lifestyle can also increase your chances of gaining fat under your chin.

Your Skin

Your skin may become weaker and more vulnerable to the effects of gravity over time. As your skin loosens and sags, your double chin may become more noticeable and prominent.

A Challenging Problem

Your double chin can be very difficult to alter by making lifestyle changes. For instance, if you are genetically predisposed to storing fat under your chin, you may not be able to lose fat in this area of your body. As a result, you might be unable to reduce your double chin even if you follow a strict diet and exercise every day.

An Easy Solution

This injectable product can be an ideal way to fix a double chin that hasn’t responded to lifestyle changes. Since this treatment targets the fat in this localized area of your body, it can dramatically change your appearance. You are likely to feel more beautiful and youthful once you see the full effect of your injectable treatment.

What Will My Treatment Be Like?

Receiving this treatment is usually a very simple, easy process. You should not have to spend time in the hospital or receive general anesthesia. Instead, this is a quick, out-patient appointment.

Preparing for Your Treatment

We will begin by marking your neck and numbing your skin with a topical cream. This cream will help you remain comfortable during the next stage of your treatment.

Receiving Your Injections

After the cream has numbed your skin, we will use a fine needle to administer your injections. This process usually takes a couple of minutes, and you are likely to be relaxed during this part of your treatment.

How Long Will My Recovery Period Be?

Many invasive procedures require you to spend a lengthy period of time recovering. You might have to spend the night in the hospital after you receive your procedure. Further, you might not be able to go to your job, exercise, go out in public, or engage in other activities for several days.

Thankfully, none of that is an issue with this treatment. You should be able to go home after your treatment session is complete or return to your job and other activities.

Aftercare Instructions

Although you should be able to return to your normal life after your treatment, we might advise you to follow some simple rules as your body is processing your injections. For instance, we might advise you to put ice on your treatment area and avoid engaging in extensive exercise for a few days. Depending on how your body is reacting to your treatment, we may also ask you to wear a compression garment during this time.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatment sessions that you need will depend on the amount of fat under your chin and your aesthetic goals.

A Personalized Plan

Although you might see a positive change in your chin after just one treatment session, it’s also normal to need multiple treatments to achieve your desired outcome. We will work with you to design a customized plan that will take your unique needs into account. If you receive multiple treatments, we will wait several weeks between each appointment in order to give your body time to recover from your injections.

When Will I See Changes in My Double Chin?

Your body will gradually remove your fat cells after you receive your injections. As a result, you generally will not see positive changes in your appearance immediately after your appointment. Instead, you might notice improvements in your double chin after a few weeks. During your initial consultation, we can provide you with more information about when you can expect to see changes in your appearance.

How Long Will My Results Last?

If you’ve received other injectable treatments in the past, you are likely to be very pleasantly surprised by how long your results last. Although injectable products can be a quick, effective way to enhance your appearance, these treatments often provide temporary results. Accordingly, you may have to receive regular maintenance treatments to preserve your new look.

Lasting Benefits

Kybella is different. Once we administer your injections, the product will destroy fat cells under your chin, and your body will remove these cells using natural processes. As a result, this injectable treatment can permanently improve your double chin.

Maintaining Your New Profile

Although this treatment can provide lasting benefits, it will not stop you from gaining weight in the future. Accordingly, you may feel happier with your results if you adopt a healthy lifestyle after your treatment is complete. In fact, achieving a slimmer profile may motivate you to exercise more frequently and eat a more balanced diet.

Is This Injectable Treatment Safe?

This is a well-established treatment that has helped a large number of people improve their double chins. Further, there is scientific evidence showing that this treatment can improve people’s double chins in a safe, effective manner. In particular, this product was studied in a global clinical development program that included more than twenty clinical studies. Over 1,600 people received this treatment during the course of the program.

Can Men Receive This Treatment?

Many men have prominent double chins that make them look older and less vibrant. Since this treatment works on men and women, it can be an excellent option for a man who wants to reduce his double chin in a minimally invasive manner.

Will My Results Look Natural?

Since this injectable treatment gradually reduces your double chin, it can provide natural, subtle results. As your body processes your treated fat cells, the fat under your neck will slowly become less prominent and noticeable. Your friends and family might not even realize that you have had a cosmetic treatment! Instead, they will likely think that the changes in your chin are a result of natural weight loss or other factors unless you tell them otherwise.

What Is the Difference Between This Treatment and a Neck Lift?

Like Kybella, a neck lift can improve your profile and give you a more attractive look. That said, these cosmetic techniques use different methods to improve your body. As a result, each option has unique benefits.

Neck Lift

A neck lift can reduce loose, sagging skin under your chin. During this procedure, we may use local or general anesthesia to help you remain comfortable. We will make small incisions behind your earlobes, under your chin, or in another discreet location.

After we have made these incisions, we will tighten and lift your skin. We may also use liposuction to remove excess fat underneath your jaw. This process often takes about one to three hours. You are likely to be able to return to your usual schedule in about a week.

Making a Decision

You’ll have an initial consultation with us before you decide on a treatment plan. During this meeting, we can discuss the benefits of each option in great detail. We can also talk about other ways that we can enhance your profile, including liposuction and procedures that can reshape and resize your chin. We will help you choose a technique that is right for you.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for This Injectable Treatment?

If you are bothered by your double chin, you may be an excellent candidate for this treatment. Since this treatment is minimally invasive, you might be able to use this fat reduction method even if you cannot receive an invasive procedure. That said, this injectable product isn’t right for everyone, and there are some medical conditions that can prevent you from using this treatment.

Analyzing Your Health

Before you receive this treatment, you should tell us about any health conditions that you have, including any bleeding issues or medical conditions that affect your neck. You should also inform us about any medicines, supplements, and vitamins that you take, including any medications that prevent your blood from clotting. We will use this information to determine whether you can receive this injectable treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

You don’t have to endure a complicated procedure with a long recovery period to minimize your double chin and look slimmer and more attractive. Kybella can fix this issue in a quick, minimally invasive manner. To learn more about this wonderful injectable treatment, contact us at Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Burr Ridge, Illinois for an initial consultation today.

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