Collagen Builder: How Soon Can You Expect Results From Sculptra?

As we age, our body does not produce as much collagen as it once did, and this can leave our skin with wrinkles, saggy skin, and fine lines. Sculptra is the leading injectable in the industry that is designed specifically to restore the collagen in our skin. Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Plainfield, Burr Ridge, and Morris, IL are here to give you back that youthful appearance with dermal filler injections.

This treatment uses an advanced formula that dives deep into the layers of your skin to rebuild and regrow your lost collagen. Because the solution penetrates into the deep layers of your skin, it restores the outer layers, leaving the appearance of youthful, glowing skin. Studies show that up to one percent of collagen is lost per year after the age of 20, and by the age of 40 most adults have lost up to 20 percent of their collagen.

Collagen Builder: How Soon Can You Expect Results From Sculptra?

This treatment stimulates your body to grow more collagen therefore it is hard to give a definite amount of time it takes to see results. The collagen regrowth is a gradual process, but most patients notice results within a few weeks. Your face may look plumper directly after treatment, but your appearance will return back to the way it looked before injections soon after. Visible, long-lasting results will gradually start to appear as more collagen is produced by your body.

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a cosmetic facial treatment that gradually replaces lost collagen through dermal injection. Replenishing collagen in the face helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and bony or hollow areas. Treatment is used to diminish marionette lines, wrinkles on the chin, smile lines, and hollow temples. The FDA approved formula consists of a synthetic, biocompatible substance known as poly-L-lactic acid.

How Does It Work?

The treatment works by stimulating the body to produce collagen. Collagen is a protein found all over your body, including your skin, bones, hair, ligaments, and tendons. It is what keeps the skin plump and youthful-looking. Hyaluronic acid and collagen support healthy skin in that collagen keeps the skin firm and hyaluronic acid hydrates and nourishes the collagen. This relationship helps maintain elastin and moisture in the skin.

After the solution is injected into the skin, the body gradually produces new collagen over time. As your body continues to build new collagen, visible volume in the areas that were treated becomes noticeable. Over the next three to four months, it is often necessary to receive more injection treatments to obtain desired cosmetic goals. The treatment results are more natural and softer than other dermal injections and results typically last up to two years.

What Are the Steps of the Treatment?

Scheduling your consultation is the first step in the treatment process. During the consultation, you will discuss the areas you would like treated, your desired cosmetic goals, and any other questions you have about the process. Next, you will schedule your appointment and on appointment day you may start the treatment process with a topical anesthetic. Using a very fine needle, our doctor will inject the solution into your skin in the areas previously discussed in your consultation.

Typically, the entire treatment time is 20 to 30 minutes. To achieve ideal results, most patients will need two to three treatment sessions spaced six to eight weeks apart. The number of treatments that you will require will be determined in your consultation. There is virtually no downtime and you can return to your normal daily activities including work. Your final results from the treatment will appear gradually over the course of two or three weeks.

Where Can I Receive Treatment Injections?

The solution can be injected in many different areas, including chin wrinkles, smile lines, and marionette lines. It can also add volume to hollowing cheeks or temples and define the jawline. The purpose of the injections is to add volume to shallow areas of the skin and diminish the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. It is best not used under the eyes or on the lips.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Collagen is what gives our skin that youthful appearance by keeping our skin firm, strong, and plump. The gradual regrowth of collagen is what makes the results last a long time, After the initial course of injections, the results from treatment can last up to two years. To avoid returning to your previous appearance, it is recommended to receive repeat injections as you approach the two-year mark. Other hyaluronic fillers typically last only a few months, not years.

Deciding What Treatment Is Right for You

Sculptra leads the pack in the dermal filler field, in that it is unique and different from any other dermal filler. Other fillers are made with hyaluronic acid and their results are immediate, however, they can only treat one area and they are often placed on the cheekbone, nasolabial fold, under the eyes, or lips. And although the results are immediate, they only last for a couple of months.

On the other hand, Sculptra bbl Chicago is injected near the hairline and defines the foundation of the face. It restores the structure of the skin as the poly-L-lactic acid stimulates collagen growth. It is the only liquid facelift available that restores face volume naturally. It is a full facial rejuvenation that lasts up to two years. It takes your body four to six weeks to produce new collagen and this is the reason it has long-lasting results.

Results Look Natural

Since the results of treatment are gradual and become more apparent over time, it will not look like you have had any treatments at all. Friends and family members will not be able to pinpoint what is different about you. If you like the natural look, this is the right treatment for you, leaving you with a fresh, well-rested appearance.

No Allergic Reactions

The treatment solution is composed of poly-L-lactic acid and poses no threat of an allergic reaction. Since poly-L-lactic acid is synthetic, you will not be required to have any allergy testing, and it naturally is absorbed into the body. Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) is biodegradable and biologically compatible and is used in dissolvable stitches. It is derived from the alpha-hydroxy-acid family and is a synthetic polymer.

Full Face Rejuvenation

This dermal filler repairs the scaffolding of the face by stimulating collagen production. Through gradual visible results, the treatment adds fullness and smooths out wrinkles, fine lines, and folds. The filler also softens bony features such as cheekbones, and plump up areas like the temple that can become shallow. Since it is a non-invasive treatment, it has become known as a liquid facelift due to the overall rejuvenation effects it has on the entire face.

Long-Lasting Results

Since the solution injected into the skin stimulates new collagen growth, it is rebuilding the infrastructure of the face. Thus, giving you much longer-lasting results than other dermal filler injectables on the market. Instead of a few months of results, most patients reap the benefits for two years or more.

Low Maintenance Option

Since the treatment process typically takes 20 to 30 minutes, many patients schedule their appointments during their lunch hour. In just two to three sessions, you can have results that last up to two years and you do not have to worry about making maintenance appointments every few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Am a Good Candidate?

Treatment is recommended for adults that would like to add volume to their face to diminish the signs of aging, wrinkles, and fine lines and are generally in good health. Ideal candidates are looking for natural, subtle, and gradual results.

What Should I Expect After the Injections?

There is no recovery period or downtime required since the treatment is a nonsurgical injectable. You can return to your normal daily activities after your injections. For a few days following treatment, you will need to massage and ice the treated area multiple times a day. You will need to avoid facials for two weeks after treatment, but you may wear makeup as desired. You should schedule a follow-up appointment a few weeks after your initial appointment.

Why Sculptra Instead of Juvederm?

Juvederm is a hyaluronic filler that gives immediate results but does not last as long. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that builds up the collagen in your skin and the results are gradual, subtle, and natural.

How Long Does It Take for It to Work?

You will notice immediate, but temporary, results for the first 24 hours after the injections. Although the immediate results will fade, as your body produces new collagen, you will have visible, long-lasting results within two to three months.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Treatment?

Women who are pregnant or nursing do not qualify for dermal filler injection treatments. Also, people who have bleeding disorders or other significant health problems would not be a good candidate for treatment.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

Several factors determine the cost of your treatment, including how many treatment sessions you will need, how many solution vials are needed per treatment session, and your cosmetic goals. Since treatment costs vary from patient to patient, it is best to discuss your payment details with us during your consultation.

What Questions Should I Ask During My Consultation?

Being prepared and fully comprehending the treatment process will make you feel confident that you are choosing the best dermal filler treatment for you. Here are some questions you may want to ask during your consultation:

  • Will I look like I have gotten work done?
  • Are there any other treatments that work like Sculptra?
  • How many treatment sessions will I need?
  • How long will the results last for me?


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If you have decided that dermal filler injections may be right for you, call Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Plainfield, Burr Ridge, or Morris, IL today. Drs. Burt and Will are professionally trained injectors and administer treatment injections in the best places for you to maximize effectiveness. The treatment is quick and convenient, you can schedule your appointment during your lunch break and head back to work immediately following your treatment session.

No one can turn back the hands of time, unfortunately. As you age, your skin loses elasticity and collagen making you look older than you feel. In your younger years, your skin was tight, plump, and firm, and over time your skin started to sag, wrinkle, and lose volume. However, with advanced technology and science, we are able to renew your youthful appearance through dermal filler injections that deliver undeniable results and can change your life.

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