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Non-Invasive Micro Treatment for Women in their 40’s

Ladies in your 40’s, When it Comes to Skincare Both Quantity and Quality do Matter

Let’s be realistic.  Beautiful skin is a blessing. We start off as cuddly balls of dimpled collagen with soft pudgy cheeks.  In our teens and twenties, if we are lucky, the collagen shifts to reveal chiseled cheek bones and an incandescent radiance.

If we aren’t so lucky, our teen aged angst can be dotted with a sprinkle of occasional breakouts or full blown, painful cystic acne which can rob even the most outgoing teen of their confidence.  Sometimes women in their 40’s experience breakouts in addition seeing a loss of volume in their cheeks and lips.

Is 40 the new 14?  No, but the two decades share a great deal in common.  Both 40-year-olds and 14-year-olds are beginning a process of self-discovery.  In our teens and 20’s we are looking to find out who we can be and in our 40’s we are looking to discover who we really are.  Both our teen years and our early twenties are times of freedom, when responsibilities are light.  Responsibilities begin to diminish in our 40’s as our kids leave our house, jobs are good and we don’t have to be caregivers.

We want to look great and healthy to reflect our exciting new lifestyle.

Some of us in our 40’s just like our teenage doppelgangers are experiencing a hormonal roller coaster.  We may see blackheads, pimples, scaly skin and rosacea.  A fleur d’ lis of fine wrinkles may begin its journey on the decolletage.  Whether you have great or problematic skin in your 40’s the important thing is that you keep your skin healthy.  The good news is that your skin can be maintained, improved, rehydrated and the great results protected for years to come.

Dr. Tripti Burt and Neena Will of Burt &Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Center of Plainfield, Illinois have a new take on how to care for your “present” skin and your “future” skin.  Start small. Think big.

Drs. Burt and Will believe that you don’t immediately need to pull out the big guns, the high-powered lasers, at the first signs of aging. Less invasive micro facial micro treatments can go a long way toward improving overall appearance and health of your skin.  Microdermabrasion, peels, IPL and skin tightening treatments are great techniques to get started on a healthy regimen for beautiful skin throughout the decades.

Drs. Burt and Will explain it all to us about micro treatments


Love going au natural? Then facial microdermabrasion micro treatments is definitely for you.  Actually, microdermabrasion is for anyone who wants to brighten their skin, slough off dead skin cells and unclog pores.

What is microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion micro treatments is a non-surgical facial resurfacing procedure that exfoliates the face with either microcrystals or a diamond headed wand that suctions up dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin.

Benefits:  Microdermabrasion will stimulate collagen production, blood flow, tighten and unclog pores.  It treats discoloration and sun damage. This treatment can be used in conjunction with an acid peel if the peel is performed prior to the microdermabrasion. It is also pain-free.

Why is microdermabrasion for women in their 40’s?  It is fast, natural, and delivers immediate results.

Limitations:  Does not address deep skin issues.

Results:  Immediate.  Six to ten visits are recommended.

Aftercare:  Sunscreen and use of recommended products.

Chemical Peels

Just shake it off.   Shake off the flakey, dead skin that is exfoliated during a peel.

What are chemical peels?  Chemical peel is an exfoliation and smoothing method that can be used on hands, neck, décolletage and chest.  Three levels of peels stimulate the outer layer of the skin to slough off and reveal, newer, flawless skin. Peels consists of a variety of acids, like alpha hydroxyl, that is targeted to address various skin problems, such as texture and tone restoration, smoothing out fine lines and healing acne.

There are superficial peels which address only the outer layer of the skin. After the acid is carefully applied, the skin may flake off immediately or begin to shed up to 3 days later. Superficial peels take 1-7 days to heal but you can return to work immediately.  Medium strength peels will take up to a week to complete peeling so consider having this procedure on a weekend. Finally, a deep peel will take two weeks to resolve.

Drs. Will and Burt say their clients are really liking on ZO-3 (Zein Obagi’s) 3 –step peel, the latest in advanced skincare technology that is great for all skin types. This in-office peel improves overall skin health, offers longer results than other peels and bolsters the in-office.

More Benefits:  Unfurls lines and promotes acne healing. Peels address crow’s feet, brown spots, and sun damage. Effective for hyperpigmentation and melasma. The beneficial results of deep peels can last up to 2 years.

Why are chemical peels recommended for women in their 40’s? Light peels can be used as immediate brighteners during busy times and results from deeper peels can smooth the appearance of fine lines for 24 months without repeat visits.  Deeper peels are performed under sedation in a doctor’s office and require 8 weeks of pretreatment. The results are fresh glowing, skin.

Limitations/ Restrictions:  People on Accutane, women who are pregnant, or who suffer from rosacea and eczema are not candidates for peels.

Results: Immediate

Aftercare:  Always use sunscreen and apply hyaluronic acid. Refrain from using products with retinols as they can irritate skin.


Light up and revive your skin with a fotofacial. This micro treatments is a form of intense pulse light that deeply penetrates the skin and encourages the production of collagen.

What is a fotofacial? A fotofacial uses intense pulsed light applied to your skin to fade freckles and acne scars.  It also addresses rosacea, wrinkles, brown spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.  IPL works by constricting blood vessels which reduces lines.  Eye protection and a cooling gel are applied while a wand delivers intense pulse light that is absorbed into the skin.

More Benefits:  Takes only 30 minutes. Swelling and redness usually rapidly disappear. IPL, unlike a laser does not remove any layers of skin resulting in skin that heals more quickly.

Why are fotofacials recommended for women in their 40’s?  Women in their 40’s still have good skin elasticity and can take advantage of a less invasive procedure than lasers that remove the upper layer of skin, creating a longer recovery time.

Limitations:  Five treatments, 3 weeks apart are generally required.  A fotofacial is not recommended  for tanned or darker skin tones.  Avoid Botox and dermal fillers one week prior to IPL and two weeks after. Avoid retinoids and Retin A 3 days before treatment and 5 days after.  Not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Aftercare:  Sunscreen and moisturizers as recommended.

Skin Tightening

Notice a little laxity?  Not ready for a lift?   Consider skin tightening with improvements that are visible for two years.

How does skin tightening work?  Infrared light is directed at the areas you wish to treat and heats the deepest layer of the skin triggering collagen formation.

More Benefits: Works well for all skin types.

Why is skin tightening recommended for women in their 40’s?  The skin is still strongly supported on its scaffolding, making it the right time to delay or put off more intensive and invasive rejuvenation.

Limitations:  Can require several treatments and takes a few months to see the results. Avoid if you are pregnant or nursing.

Aftercare: Sunscreen. Options are plentiful to correct skin laxity, dullness, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, freckles and poor texture without going all the way or making a long term commitment. Drs. Will and Burt can guide in making the best decisions for the lasting beauty and health of your skin. Contact Us to learn more



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