Summer Skin Care Tips

It’s summer and time for fun in the sun. This time of year is packed with tons of outdoor events. These social gatherings are a great opportunity to get out and enjoy warmer temperatures and show off that vacation tan. But it is also a dangerous time for you skin. Overexposure to the sun can have lasting consequences if precautions are not taken. At Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we take the sun seriously as well as the health of your skin. We offer products that protect and promote skin beauty and health.

ZO® SKIN HEALTHOclipse® Sunscreen

Oclipse® sunscreen is more than just an everyday sunblock. It received 2008 Cosmetic Innovator of the Year by ICMAD! Featuring natural melanin and broad-spectrum UVA protection, it does more than just block the sun. It is a skin care product that you will want to wear every day of your life. This is the product to use if you wanted to do just one nicething for your skin.

This multi-tasking skin-care product protects against UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays). It is an ideal primer for makeup, reduces photo aging, softens, sooths, and hydrates your skin. We recommend you apply the sunscreen to your face and neck every morning.

The Oclipse® Sunscreen:

  • Releases antioxidant complex guards every 12-hours to protect against photodamage
  • Protects skin by shielding UVA, UVB and high-energy visible (HEV) light every day
  • May be used alone for sun bathing, or worn under makeup for a consistent, long-lasting application.
  • Smooths skin and reduces the visibility of fine lines

Rejuvenating Skin Facial for Sun-Damaged Skin

At Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we offer facials to heal damaged skin. These facial treatments will bring a luxuriant glow to your summer appearance. Kelly, our Certified Aesthetician, is committed to providing a relaxed atmosphere for facial rejuvenation. As a fully licensed medical aesthetician and laser technician, Kelly is experienced in providing facials, chemical peels, massages, and microdermabrasion. She will prepare you for summer fun by treating injured skin, and protecting it from nature’s damaging elements.

Our goal is to provide the best facial experience in the Burr Ridge, Morris, and Plainfield communities by performing our suite of facials in a comfortable, relaxing and refreshing atmosphere.  They include:

Our Custom Facial – designed to fit all skin types. Our facial involves:

  • Thorough skin analysis
  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Face, neck, and shoulder massage
  • Enzymatic exfoliation with steam
  • Extractions if needed

The Ultimate Facial – will bring out the radiance of your skin. Includes:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Face, neck, and shoulder massage
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Vitamin enriched mask

Rejuvenating Skin Facial – is a glycolic peel to improve sun-damage skin. Includes:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Face, neck, and shoulder massage
  • Glycolic peel
  • Custom mask

Want to learn more about the skin care treatments available at our practice? For summer skin care and protection, schedule your consultation with Burt & Will today.

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