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What Treatments Are Included in the Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a great way to correct areas of the body that have been adversely affected by pregnancy. Usually, clients focus on restoring breast size and shape and reducing baby weight in key areas. At Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Burr Ridge, IL you can get a procedure that is tailor-fit to your needs.

What Treatments Are Included in the Mommy Makeover?

Each mommy makeover plan is different for every mommy. Your makeover is tailored to address your body’s needs and works to accomplish your goals.your unique needs and goals. Dr. Burt will recommend treatments and will go over all of your options with you during your visit, and often includes two or more of the following procedures:

  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction


Breast Lift

This surgery addresses sagging and deflated breasts that come after pregnancy/nursing by removing excess skin, tightening the surrounding tissue, and reshaping and repositioning the breasts higher up on the chest wall.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is for women who are looking for more volume in their breasts but aren’t in need of a lift. Implants are used to provide this volume and shape.

Tummy Tuck

Eliminate excess skin and fat and repair abdominal muscles that have been weakened or separated from pregnancy with a tummy tuck. This helps to create a smoother, more toned appearance across the abs and midsection.


Liposuction can be used to help fine-tune any stubborn fat areas such as thighs, buttocks, hips, and arms that don’t respond well to exercise after pregnancy. It can help to correct issues that the other procedures may not be able to address effectively.

What Does a Makeover Do?

A makeover treatment plan works to help areas of the body that were affected most from pregnancy, particularly the breasts and midsection. These are customized plans that are tailored to fit your needs and wants in body appearance. You and your doctor work together to create a plan that combines breast surgery, abdominoplasty, and liposuction treatments to address several different effects pregnancy may have had on your body.

Procedures help eliminate fat deposits, repair the abdominal wall, repair saggy breasts, tighten skin, firm the stomach, and more. The doctor will help you identify any areas that may need improvement. Surgery is performed at an accredited medical center and you are put under general anesthesia. Depending on your treatment plan, the procedure may last several hours.

Who Should Consider Getting a Makeover?

Even with all the joys that come with motherhood, it’s easy to be less than excited about what pregnancy has done to your body. It is perfectly normal to feel this way, and we are happy to offer the mommy makeover to combat any issues you may have. When diet and exercise aren’t enough, we provide surgical intervention to correct areas that have been affected and restore your body to resemble its former self.

If you’ve finished having children and are unable to get your body back into the shape it was in before you were pregnant, a combination of makeover procedures may be just the plan for you. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation or visit our website for more details.

What Combinations Can I Choose?

The procedures chosen are different for each patient, as some women will have different needs from others with their post-pregnancy bodies. During a consultation with your doctor, you will discuss which options are appropriate for you. Generally, women choose to focus on breast and midsection repair, so most often combinations include breast surgery and abdominoplasty. You and your doctor can put together any combination that works best for you.

Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck

This is the most common combination in makeover procedures. The breast lift works to combat saggy and deflated breasts and restores them to a more youthful position. The tummy tuck will get rid of any excess skin and fat and repair the abdominal muscles, and results complement the outcomes of the breast lift.

Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck

Sometimes women will lose volume in their breasts but not require a lift. This procedure will provide implants that help to restore that lost volume to give your breasts more shape. Augmentation helps results in a firmer and flatter stomach when combined with a tummy tuck.

Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck

You may decide that you wish to combine a breast lift with implant augmentation to produce bigger, perkier looking breasts. This is again done in conjunction with a tummy tuck to address abdomen issues to provide treatment for all pregnancy-affected areas.

Breast Surgery & Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

This is the most comprehensive of all the makeover combinations. Breast surgery can be an augmentation, a lift, or both. The tummy tuck is combined with liposuction to further get at the details of any areas with surplus fat. This can include any areas that don’t readily respond well to diet and exercise, such as the upper arms or inner thighs.

Can Multiple Procedures Be Performed in One Visit?

While some makeovers can be done on the same day, others may be performed in stages as so to allow recovery time in between the procedures. This can be a choice you make based on your preference or schedule, or the doctor may recommend an option based on your current health or other concerning factors.

Benefits can come from either option, and one option may be better for certain individuals for a variety of reasons. This is something that you will discuss during your consultation. The decision will be made between you and your doctor after considering all the factors.

How Much Recovery Time Is Needed After Procedures?

Recovery time will vary from person to person and may depend on how many procedures are done at one time. In general, you can expect to be back to strenuous activity and fully functioning after about four to six weeks. Our team closely monitors all patients during their recovery to monitor the healing process. We will advise you along the way as to when you can go back to work, exercise, and other daily activities.

Some procedures may require you to wear special garments for several weeks afterward, like a surgical bra after breast surgery, for example. For many, it will be likely after two weeks that you can return to an office or desk job, driving, and light housekeeping, however, all your activities will be somewhat limited. A full return to normal activities and exercise will take approximately four to six weeks.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

For several days following any procedures, you should rest at home spending as much time as possible in bed or on the couch. You may even require up to one to two weeks of bed rest depending on how many treatments you received or how invasive the surgeries were.

In this recovery time initially following procedures you must refrain from strenuous activities and exercises that require bending or heavy lifting–this includes lifting your children. You will require assistance with childcare, housekeeping, and other daily-routine activities until cleared by your doctor to do so. Your doctor will give specific instructions on self-care during recovery.

Am I a Candidate for These Treatments?

In order to undergo surgery, first and foremost you must be in good health. Your body must be strong enough to handle surgery in order to receive positive outcomes and properly recover. It is also important that you have realistic expectations of what the surgery will be able to do for you. Surgical intervention is meant to be used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise to achieve your ideal desired results.

Typically, it is best to wait at least six months after you have given birth to consider this procedure. If you plan on having more children in the future, it will likely be recommended that you hold off on any corrective treatments. Contact our offices to schedule a consultation and see if this is an option for you.

Where Can I Get a Makeover?

Burt and Will Surgery and Dermatology in Burr Ridge offer these procedure options to their patients that have lingering undesired pregnancy effects, and we have offices in Naperville, Plainfield, and Morris to serve the surrounding communities as well. We have a handful of doctors that perform these surgeries and work with you through the entire process from consultation through recovery.

When you contact our offices we will set you up with a qualified doctor nearest you for your convenience, or you can choose the location that works best for you. All surgeries are performed at an accredited medical center, and you will go under general anesthesia for the procedures. It is possible to be in surgery for several hours if receiving more than one treatment.

When Should I Schedule My Procedures?

Timing is critical when considering any makeover procedures. Your body must have already been allowed to heal from childbirth and get to a stable post-baby weight before you have surgery performed. Additionally, future pregnancies and extreme weight fluctuation will have a negative consequence on any previous procedural outcomes. You’ll want to wait on scheduling any procedures until you are finished having children.

If you have any questions about when is the right time for you to schedule makeover procedures go online for more information or give us a call anytime to speak with one of our knowledgable doctors and staff members. We’ll be happy to assist you in recognizing when an appropriate time for getting procedures would be for you.

What If I Want Additional Treatments?

A makeover plan is a comprehensive combination of procedures designed to target specific areas of the body that may have been affected by pregnancy. In the case of some difficult or stubborn areas, liposuction may be done again at a later date after a full recovery has been made form the initial procedure.

If you have additional concerns that these treatments do not address, we have several other options available at our practice that can assist you with all your needs. Visit our website to see a list of services or call for a consultation to discuss your options. We’re ready to help you find the right solutions for you.

Treat Yourself to a Mommy Makeover

You managed to stay healthy during pregnancy and worked hard to keep fit after childbirth, yet you still can’t get your body back to its former glory. But you are not alone. Many women struggle with post-pregnancy body flaws that refuse to correct themselves no matter what foods they eat or exercises they do.

Contact Burt and Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in Burr Ridge, IL today and schedule a consultation for your makeover plan, and start on the path toward a more ideal body that you want and deserve.

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